Sugar and Spice : Chapter 5
Title: Sugar and Spice
Author: yukime
Pairing: Hey Say Jump/ oc
Rating: PG-13
Summary: First (K-pop/J-pop) girl group in Johnny's entertainment had debuted. what will happen if they fall inlove with JUMP members? A lot of Chaos ofcourse!! ^^



Chapter 5
“morning” The girls harmonized while walking up to the boys who were standing in front of the tour van
“Morning” The boys harmonized sounding sleepy
“Ready for the tour?” The staff said, hyping up the gang who were ready to fall asleep on the van.
“Yeb” they all answer sleepily
“Alright, let’s get this show on the road!!” The staff said and got on the van. Ikumi got on first, that’s when Ruri nudges Yabu. He turns to her with and question mark on his face
“Sit with her” Ruri said and Yabu quickly got on the van
“Can i sit with you?” Yabu ask Ikumi, She smiles
“Sure” Yabu laughs shyly and settle himself down next to Ikumi.
Hana was next to get on and Auto signals him to follow, Ryosuke took his chance and sat next to Hana. She turns towards Ryosuke and smile once she knew it was him. He smiles back.
Ruri follows Chinen and sits upfront on the van. Once she is settle she quickly got her novel out, she opens it up and take her bookmark out ready to enjoy the story she was dying to continue on. Chinen took the book away from her
“Hey!” Ruri said snapping her head to Chinen.
“Don’t read books on a traveling car, you will loose you eyesight” Chinen said and put Ruri’s book into his bag. Ruri grabs Chinen’s bag and opens it up but got stop by the hand. “C’mon Ruri, don’t be a baby”
“But I was looking forward to the next part of the story” Ruri whines
“You can read it when we get to the concert venue” Chinen said and pats Ruri’s hands to calm her down.
“What I’m i going to do while we’re on the way there? it takes a long time to get to the venue. It will be so boring” Ruri said, pouting
“You won’t be boring because you have me” Chinen said, smiling at hoe cute Ruri is.
“Fine~” Ruri gives up and calms herself down.
Keito gots on the further back seat of the van follows by Kaori and last but on least Kei. Kei got out his chocolate that he brought this morning from the mini-mart and opens the packet up.
“Wow, it smells so good” Kaori said while breathing in the scent of the sweet milk chocolate.
“Want one?” Kei said handing Kaori a piece of the chocolate. Kaori face straightaway brighten up, Kei smiles at her reaction
“Thank you” Kaori smiles brightly and put the chocolate in her mouth, munching happily. Kei laughs.
“It’s going to be a long day, so try to rest up for the dress rehearsal tonight alright?” The staff said and the car started moving
“Hai~” The gang all said at the same time. Ikumi starts to drift off to sleep with her head falls and rest on Yabu’s shoulder. He smiles and rested his head on her and drifted off to sleep too.

Hana got out the group schedule and starts to organized each of the girls’ schedules.
“You guys are very busy after the concert i see” Ryosuke said while looking at Hana working on the schedule
“Yea, 4 different members and i need to keep track off all the schedule, just in case people ask me about the members whereabouts” Hana said not shifting her eyes off of the schedule
“Yea, Yabu have to keep track of our schedule as well” Ryosuke said
“Must be very hard to keep track of all 9 members’ schedule. I only have 4 members and I’m still so confused” Hana said
“Yea, he was flipping through it last night, I bet he’s sleeping right now” Ryosuke said and both him and Hana turns back to look at Yabu but was caught off guard at the picture of Ikumi and Yabu sleeping while resting their heads against each other. The two turns back and giggles
“They’re so cute together” Hana said
“They suits one another” Ryosuke said while looking at Hana who turns back to working “Want any help?”
“hmm… you can help me by reading out each of the members activities and I will write them down” Hana took Ryosuke offers and handed him the list of the member’s activities
“Alright” with that Ryosuke grabs the list and started reading. Hana smiles.

Kaori fell asleep sitting between Keito and Kei as the van is moving unstably making Kaori head fell onto Keito’s shoulder
‘How come she is so cute. No! Kei what are you thinking? She’s Keito’s ex! get yourself together’ Kei then turn to Keito finding him smiling and shook his head at the scene, Kei got all confused
‘why isn’t he angry with me?’

“Hi guys, we are on our way to the concert venue for our rehearsal” Ruri said to the camera she was holding and Chinen suddenly butted in
“Hey everyone, Chinen Yuri desu” Chinen said with a salute posture making Ruri laughs at him
“You’re so cute with the salute pose, It could be your signature pose Chinen-kun” Ruri said making Chinen smile
“Think so? now I’m going to do it more often since you said that i look cute doing it” Chinen said with a big smile on his face
“Let’s see what the others are doing now” Ruri said and pan the camera to the other members “Here is the sleeping Yabu-kun adn Ikumi-chan. and here is Kaori-chan sleeping with Keito-kun listening to music and Kei-kun eating chocolate. Everyone seems to be sleepy this morning” Ruri said
“Who isn’t?” Chinen ask
“me! I’m too nervous and excited for the tour, i can’t sleep” Ruri said while panning the camera back to the rest of the members and continue
“here is Hana-chan organising all our schedule with the help of Ryosuke-kun” Ruri said showing Hana and Ryosuke, they both wave to the camera.
“And here is Yuto-kun and Hikaru-kun listening to music, looking all cool” Yuto smiles and continue beating his imaginary drum
“Well we have to sign off no, probably need to get some rest myself even though I couldn’t. Have a good day everyone” Ruri said while sits back down properly on her seat.
“Bye!!” the 2 of them said at the same time and Ruri turns the camera off
“You should get some sleep for rea, it’s going to be a long dat today, you need a lot of energy” Chinen said to Ruri
“Yea i should sleep don’t I” Ruri said and yawn, covering herself with the blanket she brought with her
“Sweet dreams” Chinen said, patting Ruri’s head
“You too”


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Sugar and Spice : Chapter 4
Title: Sugar and Spice
Author: yukime
Pairing: Hey Say Jump/ oc
Rating: PG-13
Summary: First (K-pop/J-pop) girl group in Johnny's entertainment had debuted. what will happen if they fall inlove with JUMP members? A lot of Chaos ofcourse!! ^^


brenda000 ruci_citra

“That was so tired” The gang said once they finished their practice “We’re half way through the practice for the tour right?”
“Yeb, we’re half way there” Yabu said, wiping sweat off of his face
“Guys, we have the music video for you now” The staff came into the practice room with a laptop in his habd ready for the gang. They all hurried and crowded around to watch the videos “Who’s first?”
“Ikumi-chan” Kaori said
“Alright. Introducing, Jung Ikumi” the staff said and put on Ikumi’s video

Ikumi as IU
Kamenashi Kazuya as her love interest and Dancer

The gang all watch the video silently, moving along to the music
“You are so cute” Hana said
“I love the song” Keito said
“Kamenashi-kun is so cool” Ruri said and squeal
“Your voice is amazing” Daiki said
“Well done Ikumi-chan” Ryosuke said and applause

“Let’s watch Hana’s”

Hana as Gu Hara
Yamashita Tomohisa as Her love interest, Dancer, Rapper

Ryosuke stare at the video with wide eyes ‘She’s beautiful’
“Your voice suit the song so well” Hikaru said
“You and Yamashita-kun looks so cute together” Ruri said

Ruri as Shanon
Yabu-kun as her love interest

“You’re adorable” Kaori said hugging Ruri
“See I told you, you look cute in school uniform” Chinen said. Ruri turn to him while he continues to watch the video
“Yabu-kun you’re really handsome” Kaori compliments Yabu
“*laughs* thank you Kaori-chan” Yabu said and turns to Ikumi. She gives him a thumbs up and smile
“Well done Ruri-chan

“Last but not least, Kaori-chan’s”

Kaori as Kang Jiyong
Keito as her love interest

“It’s so sad” Ruri said
“You guys look adorable together” Yuto said. Kaori turn to look at Keito and they exchange smiles. Once the video finished Keito and Kaori hi-5 each other
“We did good”
“Ah just in time. I thought you guys left already” The instructor came back into the room “Here are your chedule for tomorrow. There are some changes”
“Oh there are?” Yabu said and receiving the schedule from the instructor
“Yeb, you boys will be performing with the girls on their solo performances”
“This tour getting more interesting everyday” Hikaru said
“It sure is. Ryosuke, you will be performing with Hana in all of Yamashita-kun’s part. Yabu you will be performing on Ikumi’s song. Chinen performing with Ruri, and Keito performing with Kaori”
“ Looks like it’s your chance Yabu-kun” Ruri whispers to Yabu, he smile at her
“Ryosuke and Hana you will be practicing in this room tomorrow, Ikumi and Yabu in studio 2, Chinen and Ruri in studio 4, and Kaori and Keito in music room 2. Is that clear?”
“Yes sir”
“Alright then, see you tomorrow. And don’t be late” The gang pack up their bags and left the dance studio
“you guys want to grab something to eat?” Ikumi ask aloud
“Yeb, I’m starving” Yabu quickly answer
“I could smell the food from here. And there’s no food around” Daiki said
“Us too” Kaori and Ruri said at the same time
“Then let’s go. I saw a sushi place near here” Ikumi suggested and the gang all follow her

~the next day~
“Kaori wait up!” Keito said running up to Kaori with his guitar on his back
“Hey Keito, ready for practice?” Kaori ask
“Yeb, I listens to the song all night. Kind of got the rhythm down already, so I won’t slow the practice down today” Keito said
“You think too much. But thanks anyway”  Kaori said and opens the studio door and walks in
“I thought I heard you two coming in. Ok, let’s start the practice session shall we?” The music teacher said and they all got their guitars out and start playing.

~Ikumi’s side~
“1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Do it again” The instructor said and everyone walk back to their starting place
“5 6 7 8” everyone all dance beautifully and in routine through the choreography
“Great! Now with the music” The instructor said and turn on the music “Ikumi sing live too”
“Hai” Ikumi answer and sing along while dancing. Not long aftere that, the song ends
“Let’s try that 1 more time. Ikumi, you got to express your feeling to Yabu more. Now there’s no message sending to him at all. Try looking at him while you perform” The instructor gave Ikumi some tips. Ikumi blushes and nods.
“Places. 5 6 7 8” The music turns on and Ikumi sings, this time Ikumi looks at Yabu, communicates to him through her lyrics. He smiles at her and she smiles back.
“That was fantastic. You guys becoming like a real couple just then” Instructor said. The couple looks at each other and blushes harder.

~Hana’s practice~
“Ryosuke put your arms on Hana’s waist” Ryosuke reluctantly obeys
“Hana lean on his chest a bit. Why do I have to tell you guys what yo do? you should know by now that couple routine has to feel real. And now your even struggling with putting your hands on each other” The instructor yells at the idols. They hang their heads down “ I’ll give you guys 5 minutes, I’ll go get a drink to calm myself down and when I come back, I expects you guys to do better” with that he walks out the room leaving the 2 idols standing silently
“I never got yell like that before” Hana said, her head still hanging low. Ryosuke walks over to her and patted her head
“Me neither. Let’s just set our difference aside and try getting into the choreo” Ryosuke said
“Ok” Hana obeys and go over the dance
“So are you guys ready?” The instructor said coming into the room with a glass of water
“Yes sir” The idols harmonized
“Alright let’s do it again” The idols do what they were told. Ryosuke hands crawls around Hana’s waist and Hana leans back to Ryosuke’s chest, Ryosuke’s heart beat so fast he’s so scare that Hana might here it. Hana waves her body to Ryosuke’s chest making their faces only few inches apart. Hana’s face flustered feeling some emotion she never felt before.
“That was great. See, it wasn’t so hard was it” The instructor said “Let’s run it from the top one more time before the dancers come in” The couple got into their places “Don’t forget to conveys feelings towards each other alright?” The music turns on and the idols dance to the music while Hana sings to it. This time Ryosuke keep his eyes on Hana and she did the same. They smile at each other.

~Ruri’s side~
“Ruri on her tip toe against Chinen” The instructor said while the idols and dancers are going over the dance routine. “Whispering move”
Ruri put her hand by her mouth close to Chinen’s face. He smiles at her. Ruri blushes but continues to dance.
“That’s great, let’s try with the music and Ruri singing live” The instructor said and everyone started running thorugh the choreograph. The practice went by and the idols and dancers nailed the practice perfectly.
“Thanks for your hard work today. Welldone everyone” the instructor said and they all pack up their bags.
“Ruri-chan, want to go grab ice-cream? I’ll send you back home” Chinen ask, Ruri paused a bit and smile
“Sounds good” Ruri picks up her bag and both of them walks out.


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Sugar and Spice : Chapter 3
Title: Sugar and Spice
Author: yukime
Pairing: Hey Say Jump/ oc
Rating: PG-13
Summary: First (K-pop/J-pop) girl group in Johnny's entertainment had debuted. what will happen if they fall inlove with JUMP members? A lot of Chaos ofcourse!! ^^


brenda000 ruci_citra

Chapter 3

“Good Morning everyone! We’re here at the set for my first solo music video!! Ooh I’m so excited. I’ll give you a dressing room tour. Come with me” Ruri said to the camera she’s holding in her hand and walks towards the dressing room
“Here it is, and here is Yabu-kun getting his hair done by our lovely hair dresser” Ruri said while filming Yabu “Yabu-kun say hi”
“Hello everyone~ please keep an eye out for Ruri’s first solo video. It’s awesome” Yabu said
“How do you know Yabu-kun. We haven’t star filming yet” Ruri said and both of them laughs. Yabu then sits up properly once he got his hair all done and Ruri came to sir beside him so he could be in the shot with her
“Since we’re all done getting ready, we’ll go to the set now. See you in the behind the scenes. Bye everyone!!” Ruri said and her and Yabu waves to the camera.
“Ruri-chan, You know where Ikumi-chan is filming today?” Yabu ask
“Her que is longer than ours. I think around 7pm. I think we finish around 4”
“I really want to see what her set looks like” Yabu said, Ruri giggles
“You want to see her don’t you Yabu-kun” Ruri smiles “You really like her don’t you?”
Yabu blushes
“Who told you that?” Yabu ask
“Chinen-kun” Ruri laughs
“Blabber mouth” Yabu said and tsk
“*laughs* you guys looks cute together” Ruri said
“You think so?” Yabu ask, got all excited
“Yea, she seems to like you too”
“Really?!!?” Yabu ask again, his heart pounding
“Yea, you should just go for it” Ruri said and took a sip from her drink bottle, getting ready to film.
“Ruri-chan, Yabu-kun. Ready on set!” The director call and both the idols walk to their places. The filming starts

~Ikumi’s side~
“Today we’re here at the set of Sugar and Spice’s Jung Ikumi’s solo music video shoot” the reporter said to the camera and turns to Ikumi and Kamenashi-kun who is waiting to be interview
“Good morning to both of you, and I believe a congratulations is in order to Ikumi-san for your first solo music video” The reporter greeted the idols
“Thank you so much, I’ve been working very hard on this music video so please keep an eye out for it” Ikumi said
“And Kamenashi-san, you’re the lead male of this music video I see. How do you feel about working with Ikumi-san?” The reporter ask Kamenashi-kun
“It’s an honor to be working with such a talented person. It’s the first time I heard her actually sing. She have an amazing voice” Kamenashi-kun said. Ikumi smile and bows for Kamenashi-kun
“Oooh, the fans really wants to hear the song now I’m sure. That’s all we have time for the interview. Ikumi-san please say something to the fans” the reporter said
“Hai~ my solo song will be releasing for you soon. The music video have a cute feeling to it with a bit of dancing, and very sweet storyline. Please wait a bit everyone”
“Thank you for your time and we’ll be seeing you later” The reporter said to the camera and the camera turns off
“Thank you so much for the interview” The reporter said to the idols, they both bows back to her
“Ikumi-chan, Kamenashi-kun. You’re needed back at the set” The staff came to call them
“Hai~” They harmonized and follows the staff to the set

~Ruri’s side~
“Thank you Yabu-kun. You’re wrap for the shoot” The director announce. Yabu bows to the applause everyone was giving him
“Let’s continued the last dance scene everyone. Dancers please stand by on set” The director said and everyone obeys him “Places everyone, anddd action!”
The songs starts and the dancers starts moving in routine. Ruri dance the choreograph and while turning her charms on for the camera. She got the dance shots down in 5 takes.
That’s a wrapped everyone! Thank you for your hard work!” everyone applause and Ruri and Yabu walks back to their dressing room to pack their things up
“Do you still want to go to Ikumi-chan’s shoot?” Ruri ask Yabu
“Of course, I really want to see what her music video is like” Yabu said while throwing his bag over his shoulder
“let’s go then. The van is ready for us” Ruri said and they left the set and got on to the van, heading to Ikumi’s shoot
“You work really hard today Ruri-chan. I’m a proud senpai” Yabu said making Ruri laughs
“Thank you Yabu-kun”
“I’m so tired” Yabu said and close his eyes drifted to sleep. Ruri yawns and did the same
“We’re here” the staff calls out to the idols and they thank the driver and got out of the van, walking in the studio
“Make up please wipe the sweats out of the idols’ faces. Dancers please stand by for the dance shot” The director calls out. Yabu and Ruri walks in, being greeted by everyone. Ikumi saw them walking in and waves to them. They both waves in return and watches her work.
“And action!”
I kumi sings the song while dancing to it with Kamenashi-kun
“The dance is so cute. Kamenashi-kun is so good at dancing” Ruri said while her body moves along to the song
“Her voice is so good. It so sweet” Yabu said while staring at Ikumi
“I know right”
The song came to the last part where Ikumi hit 3 highest notes in the song.
“Wow, I didn’t know she can do that” Yabu stun at Ikumi singing abilities
“That was fantastic! It’s a wrapped everyone, thank you for your hard work” The director said and Ikumi and Kamenashi-kun bows to the applause they got. Ikumi walks over to Yabu and Ruri
“Hey~ what are you guys doing here?” Ikumi said all smiles
“We finish filming out video so we came to see yours. Your set look so cool” Ruri said
“I’m so tired and hungry. What are Hana and Kaori up to today?” Ikumi said while the 3 of them walk back to the dressing room
“Hana-chan call a day off because she is sick. Kaori-chan went to the editing section of her video” Ruri said
“Ohh, you think Hana eats yet?” Ikumi ask while gets behind the curtain of the changing room
“Nope” Ruri answer. Ikumi laughs and opens up the changing curtain with her in her casual outfit
“do you want to go over and cook dinner at her house?” Ikumi suggested
“sounds fun!” Ruri said
“Do you want to come with Yabu-kun?” Ikumi ask turning to Yabu
“sounds like fun, can I invite the boys too?”
“Of course” Ikumi said “Let’s go, we got to go get a lot of stuff from the super market”
“I’ll call up the boys” Yabu said and the 3 of them got on to the van

~Door Bell rings~
Hana groans and sit up on the couch. She shakes her heads to get a clearer vision and slowly getting up and walks to the door and opens it
“Surprise!!” the gang all at her door step with groceries, smiling at her.
“How are you feeling” Kaori ask her
“A bit better I think” Hana said “Come on in guys”
The gang all got into Hana’s house and made themselves at home
“Your parents not at home again?” Ikumi ask while putting the groceries on the kitchen counter and began to prepared a meal for 13 people all together
“Yea, business trip again” Hana said, dropping herself on the couch
“You girls need help in the kitchen?” Yuya ask
“A lot of help” Ikumi said and the boys all got up to the kitchen, exceot for Ryosuke. He came and sit down next to Hana
“How are you feeling?” Ryosuke ask Hana
“Why do you care?” Hana answer, still angry with Ryosuke
“If I remember correctly, I’m just a girl that play with other guys feeling to you” Hana said looking straight at Ryosuke seeing his guilty eyes
“I’m sorry Hana. I was wrong. I wish I could take it back”
“Well you can’t”
“I’m really sorry. Please give me another chance to make it right” Ryosuke pleaded
“I don’t know. It’s already the second time you ask me for a chance. How many more times do I need to give you chances?”
“Then I will prove it to you. I will make it right” Ryosuke said looking deep into Hana’s eyes

“How was your shoot Ruri-chan?” Chinen said while dicing the vegetables
“It was so fun, I never knew filming a music video would be this much fun” Ruri said while rolling meat pieces in her hands making meat balls.
“Yabu-kun sent me a photo of you. You’re so cute in school uniform” Chinen said causing Ruri to stop her actions, stare at Chinen and blush. Chinen looks at her and smiles
“I really mean it” Chinen said done with cutting the vegetables and put it a bowl, handing it to Kaori.

“Here Inoo-kun can you hand this to Ikumi-chan please” Kaori handed Kei the bowl of vegetables for Ikumi to put into the tomato sauce “Ikumi-chan do you need more tomatoes?”
“Yep, about 3 more” Ikumi said while stirring the sauce
“Here are the meat balls Ikumi-chan” Ruri said and place a huge bowl of the meat balls she just finished rolling up.
“Keito could you hand me another pack of spaghetti noodles” Yabu said while rincing out the finished noodles
“Here Yabu, catch!” Keito said tossing him the pack. Yabu tear the packets off and slide the pasta noodles in to the pot.
“*breath in* Ah~ it smeel so good. I hungry now” Kaori said while looking at the sauce pot
“Here, try this” Ikumi said giving Kaori a taste of the spaghetti sauce
“So good~” Kaori said with sparkles in her eyes
“All done!” Yabu said and pour all the boiling water into the sink leaving the pasta noodles in the pot
“Me too! Ready to eat everyone!” Ikumi said and putting on her oven mitts, protecting her hands from touching the hot pot.
“Yeah!” Everyone all said in unison and get their own plates and utensils ready to eat.
“Itadaikimasu!!” Hikaru said and dig in.

Sugar and Spice : Chapter 2
Title: Sugar and Spice
Author: yukime
Pairing: Hey Say Jump/ oc
Rating: PG-13
Summary: First (K-pop/J-pop) girl group in Johnny's entertainment had debuted. what will happen if they fall inlove with JUMP members? A lot of Chaos ofcourse!! ^^

brenda000 ruci_citra


Chapter 2
“Ah~ so early” Kei whine, getting off the van
“I’m so sleepy. I just want to sleep right now” Chinen yawns and swing his bag onto his shoulder
“Why do we have to practice this early?” Yuto whine some more
“C’mon guys, it’s nearly the tour. Let’s just enjoys it ne?” Yabu said. All the members groan. Even though they been on tour or hundreds of times, but waking up so early in the morning is still the hardest thing they have to do. The boys open dance studio’s door to find the girls sitting and lying on the ground, waiting for the boys for practice.
“What are you girls doing here?” Daiki ask curiously
“We’re practicing for your tour” Hana answer, “we’re open up for you”
“Nice!” Hikaru said excitedly
“Ruri, Kaori. Wake uo, the boys are here” Ikumi wakes up the 2 younger girls who were sleeping on Hana and her’s lap
“Oh, hi guys” Kaori said, rubbing her eyes, Ruri waves to the boys while she yawns
“It’s too early today” Ruri said
“I know right? I’m so sleepy” Chinen said while sitting down next to Ruri
“Hi gang, I know it’s early today but we have a lot to do. So here is the latest song list for the show. I just have a meeting with Johnny-san last night and we have made some new arrangements” The dance instructor came in and handed one set of list to the boys, and one to the girls. “The girls will be opening up for you boys, and will be performing Dash!, Magic power, Ultra Music Power. With you guys along with their solo songs in between the show. Johnny-san and I think it’s a good idea, so you boys can take your time changing costumes and breath a little” The boys all cheered making the girls laughs along
“Ok, then let’s start today’s practice” the gang all got up and find their place in front of the mirror. The instructor teaches the moves and positions of Magic Power to the girls while Yuto, Keito, Kei, and Hiakru rest because they are playing instruments in this songs. The girls follow along perfectly, and the song runs by smoothly. Once they are finish with Magic Power, they continues with Ultra music power straight away, all of the boys got up and learn the new positions with the girls. They run through all the singing parts of all the songs they practice today and also they girls’ opening numbers. Time flies and when the practice was done it was already dark.
“Great work today everyone, that was loads of fun. The people who are coming to the practice tomorrow, please be here by 12. We will be doing some training to get you guys fitter and ready for the show” The instructor said
“And girls tomorrow and the next day will be your solo songs filming days. Johnny-san and I have planned the video shoot according to the style of videos you want, and we also took the advantages of picking seniors to be in your videos. Ikumi-chan, Kamenashi Kazuya will be filming in your video, Hana-chan, Yamashita Tomohisa will be in yours, Kaori-chan, Keito-kun will be a perfect fit in your video, and Ruri-chan, yours would be Yabu-kun. Hana and Kaori-chan will be shooting tomorrow, and Ikumi and Ruri will be shooting the day after that. Is that clear?”
“Yes sir” The girls said knowing their schedule.
“Alright then, see you guys tomorrow, and please do get some rest”
“Thank you so much” The gang harmonized and packed up their things and left the room
“Looks like we’ll be filming together” Keito said to Kaori
“Yeb, I’m so relieved I get to film with someone I already know. I’m nervous when I need to meet new people” Kaori said, giggling
“Don’t worry, It’ll go well tomorrow” Keito said
“Unn~” Kaori reply
“Ruri-chan, hope I can be a good help to you ne?” Yabu said walking up to Ruri
“Of course you will Yabu-kun. Please bare with me, I never film a video before” Ruri said
“No problem. You’ll do great” Yabu said ruffling Ruri’s hair
“So you get to film with Yamashita-kun tomorrow” Ryosuke said to Hana
“Yea, I’m so excited! I’m nervous even by hearing his name. God he’s so talented” Hana said all smiles. Ryosuke a bit of jealousy
“Oh” Ryosuke said and walk away, leaving Hana in confusion
“What’s wrong with him?” Hana ask Yuto who was walking right behind her. Yuto chuckle at Hana and Ryosuke’s situation.
‘Yama-chan, you’re really falling for this girl’ Yuto thoughts

~the next day~
“Good morning” Kaori said to all the staff
“Morning Kaori-chan. Here is the story line for today’s shoot. Have a look at it, if you have any question, please do ask” The staff said
“Thank you so much”
“Okamoto-kun is on his way here. He will arriving shortly” the staff said and left
Kaori opens up her script and read through it.
“I’m here” Keito said walking into the room, puts his bag down and slam himself onto the sofa “What did I miss?”
“Here’s the script that we have to film today” Kaori said handing Keito the script. Keito open it up and read through it.
“This should be easy” Keito said, shifting his eyes from the script to Kaori
“You think so?” Kaori ask
“Yea, we’re just playing ourselves. This is perfect” Keito said
“Hair and Make up are here” the staff said from the door, letting the hair and makeup crew in. And the glam begins.

~Hana’s shoot~
~ Choco chip cookie uri danduri
Dalkomhan siganeul nanugo(uu)
Choco chip cookie uri danduri
Eunmilhan iyagil nanwoyo(uu) ~

“Alright cut!” The director said through the megaphone “Great work everyone, that’s a wrap!”
Yamashita-kun and Hana bows as they said thank you to the staff and went to their dressing room.
“Great work Hana-chan. You did really well on your first music video” Yamashita-kun compliments Hana.
“Thank you so much senpai”
“Oh and I heard that we will be having a drama together. Looking forward to be working with you again”
“Me too, it’s so good to be able to work with someone you already worked with” Hana said with a sigh of relieved, they both laughs
“Are you going back to the company?” Yamashta-kun said
“Yea, I have to meet up with Ikumi-chan” Hana said, swinging her bag over her shoulder
“You can come with me if you want?” Yamashita-kun said, getting up from his seat
“Really? Are you sure?” Hana ask, making sure
“Yea, I’m going there too. I have recording to go to. Let’s go” Both of them walk out the car and got in. The car ride went by and they reach the company’s building.
“Thank you for ride Yamashita-kun” Hana said while closing the car door
“No prob, see you kiddo” Yamashita-kun said and they go into separate directions. Hana walks into the dance studio being greeted by everyone.
“How did the shooting go? You look so tired” Daiki ask
“It was a lot of fun, and yes, I’m totally worn out” Hana said smiling, dropping herself on the floor along with her bag
“How did you come back?” Ikumi ask Hana
“Yamashita-kun gives me a ride. He’s coming back here to record as well” Hana said, Ryosuke heard what Hana said and got all pissed. He suddenly stands up and walks to the door.
“Where are you going Yama-chan?” Yuto ask making everyone turn to Ryosuke’s direction
“I’m meeting up with Mariya-chan, see you guys later ne” Ryosuke said and walk out the door
“Mariya-chan? Are they back together?” Yuya ask the younger boys
“I don’t know, I haven’t heard him talking about her for a while” Chinen said all confuse
“Do you know when Kaori will finish?” Ikumi ask
“She has some scene that needs to shoot at night too. So she will come back pretty late I guess” Hana said while rubbing her forehead
“Hey are you ok?” Yuto said putting his hand over Hana’s forehead “Woah! Are you sick?”
“I don’t know” Hana said and put her head on Ikumi’s lap
“May be you were in the sun for too long” Yuto said
“May be so, today was so hot. The sun was right on top of my head” Hana said while snuggle herself up into a ball.
“You should go home first Hana” Ikumi said
“Are you sure?” Hana ask
“Of course I’m sure. You need to rest up. Yuto-kun could you send Hana home please. I got to stay back and have a meeting about my shoot tomorrow” Ikumi said while Hana sits up and got her bags ready to leave
“Sure, let’s go Hana-chan. I’m taking you home” Yuto said and the both of them said good bye to the rest and walk out the door.

~Kaori’s shoot~
“Alright cut! That was wonderful. Let’s move on” The director said and turns to his crew, talking about the next shot
“Kaori-chan, Keito-kun have some water” The staff said handing both idols their water bottle. Make up artist did a little touch ups on their skin and was ready to go
“Last scene everyone! Can I please have Kaori-chan alone for this shot please” The director said and Kaori walks into the frame. The director starts assigning Kaori’s place on the set and walk back to the monitor.
“Kaori-chan this is the scene where you wake up and found Keito-kun gone and no where to be found. He left a note on the guitar saying I love you and you knew the reason thet he left straight away. You break down over it until the end of the scene. Ok?” The director explained. Kaori nods nervously.
“And action!” the director calls and the camera started rolling. Kaori try to think back to her sad memories to let her tears fall, but it doesn’t seem to be working.
“Cut! We’ll do it again” Director said from behind the monitor
“Director, can I have a moment with her. I won’t take long” Keito said from behind the director’s chair
“Ok, you got 5 minutes” Director said and Keito ran out onto the set
“Kaori, what’s wrong?” Keito ask bends down to Kaori’s level.
“I can’t cry, I don’t know what to do” Kaori said hands covering her face
“calm down, let’s try this. Think about me actually leaving you. I won’t be here for you anymore. You won’t ever see me again, forever” Keito said making Kaori stops all of her actions and stare into blank space thinking about Keito’s word, hurting her. Once Keito saw that he squeezes Kaori’s hand one more time for her to get ready and quickly ran out of the frame.
“She’s ready” Keito said to the director
“And action!” the camera rolls and Kaori’s tear starts to drop one by one. Keito decides to stands where Kaori would take notice of him and he would walk away to show her that he will no longer stay with her anymore, makes Kaori pull her knees close to her chest and breaks down.
“And Cut! That was fantastic! It’s a wrap everyone! Thank you for your hard work” The director said and everyone claps for Kaori’s great performance. Kaori got up and bows to everyone. Keito walks up to her and gave her a hug
“that was wonderful” Keito said while ruffle Kaori’s hair
“That was cruel” Kaori said and sniffles against Keito’s jacket
“It work didn’t it” Keito laughs making Kaori laughs along

~Hana’s side~
Yuto and Hana walk past super market and pharmacy and decided to get something for Hana to eat and also some medicine for her to take afterwards.
“Hana-chan wait here, I’ll go get your medicine for you ok? You’re burning up” Yuto said and walk into the pharmacy. Hana waited patiently while trying to contain herself to be able to stay up. She suddenly spotted a couple holding hands and have amusing conversation. That couple was walking towards her and she knew right then and there that the guy was Ryosuke. He was walking with a beautiful tall girl.
‘That must be Mariya-chan, that he said he was going out with. She’s so pretty’ Hana-chan thinks to herself and Ryosuke suddenly spotted her. Ryosuke looks at her in shock, not wanting Hana to see him with Mariya-chan. His heart is racing, feeling as if he’s cheating and was getting caught.
“What are you doing here?” Ryosuke ask while the couple walks up to Hana
“Umm Ryo-chan, I got to go first. My parents are waiting for me at home. I see you later ne?” Mariya said and Ryosuke nods to her. Mariya peck Ryosuke’s cheek and left.
“Aren’t you suppose to be at the studio? May be waiting for your ‘Yamashita-kun to send you back home in his expensive car?” Ryosuke said sarcastically.
“What are you talking about?” Hana ask in her now soon-to-be-gone voice
“You like him don’t you?” Ryosuke said with a pff sound after.
“I don’t, I just admire him. Can’t a junior admire a senior” Hana breaths out the words trying to explain to Ryosuke. “How about you? You’re here dating with some girl when you said that you cant walk away from me. Is that just a lie now?”
Hana shot back, feeling offended by Ryosuke. Ryosuke stands the stuns at her words.
“Hana-chan, I got your medicine. Let’s go home” Yuto said, walking out of the pharmacy with a bag of medicine.
“Oh so now Yuto is taking you home ” Ryosuke raise his voice. That’s when Hana starts to felt a max pain on her head, the dizziness increase. The pictures suddenly became blur to her.
“Are you for real now?” Hana whispers, trying to stand as still as possible.
“Just choose only 1 guy Hana. Don’t play with other people’s feelings” Ryosuke said angrily. Hana look up to the sky. Her heart is pounding fast, her ears hear a long beep, her sight became dark and all of the sudden everything shuts down. Luckily Yuto and Ryosuke both got a hold of her just in time.
“What’s happen?!” Yuto ask Ryosuke worriedly
“What’s wrong with her?” Ryosuke ask Yuto back, worrying as much as Yuto
“Hana-chan is sick. Ikumi-chan ask me to take her back home because she have to stayed over for a meeting” Yuto said. Ryosuke picks Hana up bridal style.
“Then let’s go. She’s burning hot” Ryosuke said and both of them hurried to Hana’s house not far away from the pharmacy.
“Do you have the key?” Ryosuke ask. Yuto open Hana’s bag and got her keys out. they got into the house and put her down on the couch.
“Where is her parents?” Ryosuke ask
“Business trip” Yuto answer from the kitchen
“How do you know?” Ryosuke ask while turning to Yuto to see him holding up a note on the counter. Ryosuke drop himself on the ground, beside Hana.
“Ah, here it is” Yuto said and took an ice pack out from the freezer. He walks back to the couch and place the ice pack on Hana’s head.
“What’s with you today? Why did you yell at her like that?” Yuto ask, looking at Ryosuke. Ryosuke sighs.
“I don’t know man, but seeing her with other guys. I got jealous” Ryosuke said, looking at Hana
“But you just have dinner with Mariya-chan” Yuto ask, confused
“I dodn’t plan it. I got jealous and invite Mariya to dinner. Trust me, it wasn’t fun at all” Ryosuke said
“She still the same old Mariya-chan isn’t she?” Yuto laughs
“No kidding. I think she has gotten worst” Ryosuke said, rolling his eyes
“How is that even possible?” Yuto said and the boys laughs then looks at Hana
“You’ve fallen for her huh Ryo-chan?” Yuto ask “You never been like this before. With any girl”
“I don’t know. I guess. All I know is that I never find someone like her. I got jealous when she’s with other guys” Ryosuke said, looking at Hana “May be I am falling in love with her”

~Kaori’s side~
The car slowly stops in front of the modern looking house, Kaori took off the seat belts and turns to Keito.
“Thanks for giving me a ride home Keito” Kaori said, smiling
“No problem, I always gives you a ride home” Keito said “Hey, I always have this question in my mind”
“what’s the question?” Kaori ask, looks at Keito
“I always thought about, what if I meet you again, what my feelings to you going to be, and what’s our relationship will be like” Keito said looking straight at Kaori
“yea, I always thought about that too” Kaori said “I mean, I still feel safe when I’m with you. But may be not the same kind of safe like when we were together”
“I still want to take care of you too” Keito said “But I don’t know. I mean it was a long time ago. I feel like our relationship drifted back when we were more of a bro-sis that lovers”
“I get what you mean. So, brother and sister?” Kaori said with the warmest smile
“Sounds great” Keito said and both of them giggle
“I’ll see you tomorrow” Kaori said and got out of the car, waves to Keito until he drives off.


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Sugar and Spice : Chapter 1
Title: Sugar and Spice
Author: yukime
Pairing: Hey Say Jump/ oc
Rating: PG-13
Summary: First (K-pop/J-pop) girl group in Johnny's entertainment had debuted. what will happen if they fall inlove with JUMP members? A lot of Chaos ofcourse!! ^^



Chapter 1
“Hey Yamada-kun!” a sound of a senior greeted Ryosuke
“Yamashita-kun! How are you?” Ryosuke greeted back
“I’m all good, I saw your drama the other day. Great stuff, you’re really getting better” Yamashita-kun said
“Thank you so much senpai” Ryosuke said with a wide smile spread on his face.
“Yamapi!!!” Hikaru call out and jump onto Yamashita-kun
“Hikaru!!! Long time no see!!” Yamashita-kun said, ruffling Hikaru’s hair
“I miss youuuuuuu~” Hikaru whine
“Alright boys settle down, please take your seats” Johnny-san came into the room and everyone all took their seats, ready for the meeting
“Kaori-chan” Keito said quietly. But his voice is enough to grab Kaori’s attention
“You know her Keito?” Daiki ask
“Yea, a long time ago” Keito said while nodding his head to Kaori. She smiles and nods her head back to Keito
“That girl look so cute” Hikaru said to Ryosuke, pointing at the girl with shoulder length hair, small in size and a pretty smile
“I call dips on that girl over there, she so beautiful” Ryosuke said pointing to the girl with long wavy hair who is sitting quietly listens to her friends chit chat
“Yabu who do you think is the cutest?” Ryosuke ask Yabu but got no response in return. He turns his attention from the girls to Yabu finding Yabu in awe while staring at a girl. The girl got long black hair, cute face, and a beautiful smile.
“Yabu, Yabu!” Kei said, snapping his fingers in front of Yabu’s face
“Huh? What?” Yabu said, looking around
“Johnny-san is starting” Kei said and they turn to Johnny-san
“Good afternoon everyone. You might have already heard from today’s announcement about our company. We have our first girl group in the entertainment. So I would like the girls to introduce themselves to their senpai. Start eith Hana-chan” Johnny-san said
“Hai~ Kwon Hana desu. I’m 23 years old. Leader of Sugar and Spice. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu” Hana said and bow to her fellow senpai
“Jung Ikumi desu. I’m 23 years old. Sub-Leader of Sugar and Spice. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu” Jung Ikumi smile brightly and bow
“Miyagawa Kaori desu. I’m 22 years old. I’m the mascot of Sugar and Spice. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu” Kaori smile and bows. She looks at Keito and smile before she sits down.
“Hiwatari Ruri desu. I’m 22 years old. The youngest member of Sugar and Spice. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu” Ruri said and bows. All the senior applause for the girls
“These girls are very talented and with the help from all of you they can become great, so please take good care of them and give them guidelines for their journey” Johnny-san said to all the senior
“Hai~” The senior harmonized
“That’s good to hear, now go and get ready for today’s show. It will be a special one with all the seniors and the newest group performing together. Work hard ne?”
“Hai!!” all the group said. Johnny-san smile and left the room, leaving his idols to have some free time
“Kaori” Keito said, walking straight up to Kaori
“Keito-kun. It’s been a long time”
“Yea, It’s been so long. Congratulations on your debut by the way. I know it have always been your dream to be a singer” Keito said and ruffles Kaori’s hair
“Thank you Keito-kun. Congrats to you too. You’re really famous now” Kaori said giggling and Keito’s actions
“Thank you so much” Keito said

“Hi! I’m Yamada Ryosuke” Ryosuke said, extended out his hand for a shake
“Kwon Hana, nice to meet you” Hana said and shook Ryosuke’s hand
“What nationality are you. You don’t look like you’re full Japanese” Ryosuke ask, not taking his eyes out of Hana
“I’m half Korea half Japanese. My dad is Korean actually”
“That’s so cool. Do you have a boyfriend?” Ryosuke said flirtatiously and wink at Hana
“Wow, 2 seconds and you’re already hitting on me?” Hana said, laughing in disbelief
“Well you’re cute. There’s something about you that just don’t let me walk away from you” Ryosuke said smirking
“How many girls have you used that line with?” Hana said still laughing, still in disbelief
“Not many. Do you like it?” Ryosuke said, proud at his pickup line
“Sorry, but I don’t like bad boys” Hana smirks and walk away from the now stunned Ryosuke
“Nice going Ryosuke, you just got on her bad side” Daiki saod patting Ryosuke’s back
“Ahh~ what I’m I going to do? I just made a bad impression!” Ryosuke whine
“You really like her Ryosuke? Normally you would just don’t care if girls hates you or not. But now you’re concern when it’s her”
“I don’t know why, but something about her really sticks out to me. I just screwed my chance up” Ryosuke said while look at Hana talking Yuto and Yuya

“Yabu Kota desu, Yoroshiku”
“Jung Ikumi desu, nice to meet you too. Hope we can get along well together ne?”
“Hope so too. I’m really looking forward to see your work” Yabu said
“Thank you so much. It so good to hear it from a senpai” Ikumi blushes
“Ah not at all. Please don’t call me senpai. Just call me by my name. Our ages are not that far apart ne?” Yabu said with a reassuring smile
“Alright Yabu-kun” Ikumi blushes even more

“Ruri-chan!” Chinen call out
“Hai?” Ruri curiously turn around to the call
“Chinen Yuri desu, nice to meet you” Chinen said extended his hand towards Ruri
“Nice to meet you senpai” Ruri said and shook Chinen’s hand
“No need to call me senpai, We’re friends ne?” Chinen said and Ruri giggles and nods
“Girls, we got to go get you ready for the show” The staff said
“I’ll see you later ne? Chinen-kun” Ruri said to Chinen
“Yeb, We’ll be cheering for you” Chinen said and Ruri blush and walks off with the others girls following her as well

“Here are your dressing room girls. Your costumes have each of your names on it, on that rack over there. Hair and Make up will be here shortly” The staff said and left. The girls all changed into their costumes and hair and make up arrives. While Ruri and Kaori getting themselves glam up, Ikumi and Hana sits down on the sofa and chat quietly.
“Yabu-kun is so sweet” Ikumi smile while thinking about Yabu dreamily
“Ooh, somebody is in love I see” Hana tease while poking her bestfriend’s cheek
“Hana~” Ikumi whine
“But he is a gentlemen. He looks like one. Not like that Yamada Ryosuke, such a playboy. I can’t believe that he think his charms will work for every girl in the world” Hana said getting annoy at Ryosuke
“But you don’t think he’s cute? He exactly your type” Ikumi teased Hana back
“Well…He is cute” Hana said blush at her answer “But he’s still a bad boy and I don’t like that”
“Yea, that’s a pity. He’s cute and talented” Ikumi said and turn to Kaori “Kaori-chan, you know Okamoto-kun before this?”
“Ah yea. He’s….my ex boyfriend actually” Kaori said nervously
“What?!!?” The girls harmonized
“Since when??” Ruri ask, looking at Kaori through her make up stand mirror
“We broke up when Hey Say Jump was getting a lot of public appearance. May be like 2 or 3 years ago I think” Kaori said and got up from her make up chair, swapping places with Hana since she was done
“Why did you guys break up?” Ikumi ask once Kaori was sitting down next to her
“We didn't actually broke up. I got to study abroad and we kind of drifted apart. When I came back to Japan, he was already too famous to hang around and talk with. So I find it’s no use for us anymore” Kaori said sadly
“I’m sorry to hear” Hana said
“No biggy, I’m alright now. It was a really long time ago” Kaori said while playing with her phone
“Oh Ruri-chan, I saw you talking Chinen-kun. How is he?” Kaori ask
“He’s nice, he’s really friendly” Ruri said, swapping seats with Ikumi. Not long after that the girls are ready for the show.

“Hey say Jump minna-san are you all here?” The staff call as everybody were all ready to perform
“Yeb we’re all here” Yabu answer once he finished counting all his mates
“Sugar and Spice minna-san are you here?” The staff calls out again
“Yeb, we’re here” The girl ran as they answer huffing and puffing once they stop
“Wow, you girls looking sharp” Kei compliments the girls
“Thank you Inoo-kun” Ruri said
“Sugar and Spice minna-san could you stand here with heysay Jump please. Hey say Jump will introduce you guys and will lead you girls on stage” The staff said and the girls stands next to Hey Say Jump
“Go on Yama-chan” Daiki whispers to Ryosuke
“What do you want me to say? If I compliments her, she will think I use some pick-up lines again” Ryosuke ask
“But you always uses pick-up lines to pick up girls. That’s what ‘pick-up lines’ are all about” Daiki said
“I don’t think that it will work this times. Besides, I don’t want to get on her bad side anymore” Ryosuke said “But I don’t know what to do”
“Just say what you want to say, Hana-chan is not that mean” Ikumi said
“ehh!!” Ryosuke and Daiki got caught off guard when they know who answer them
“I over heard your conversation, sorry about that” Ikumi said with a smile
“But how do you know who are we talking about?” Ryosuke ask
“C’mon Yamada-kun I can see it all in your eyes. You’ve always staring at Hana-chan, and you recently just got on her bad side. She told me” Ikumi said
“So I should just go and talk to her?” Ryosuke ask again
“Yes, now go. Before the taping begins” Ikumi said and push Ryosuke towards Hana’s directions
“Hey Hana-chan” Ryosuke said nervously
“What’s wrong with you, you look nervous. Aren’t you supposed to be used to taping and performing already?” Hana said and giggles
“You looks really nice” Ryosuke said making Hana stun on her spot. Her heart beat fast.
“Is this one of your pick up lines again Yamada-kun. I told you already, I don’t like bad boys” Hana ask Ryosuke while trying to calm herself down inside.
“No it’s not. I really think your look beautiful. And I wasn’t lying when I said that there’s something about you that I can’t ignore” Ryosuke said “I’m sorry if I got on your bad side”
“Thanks, Yamada-kun” Hana blushes. Ryosuke smiles
“Hana-chan! You look great!” Yuto walks in and hugs Hana to encourage her. Ryosuke stare at them with wide eyes as Hana hugs Yuto back
“Thanks Yuto-kun, gambatte ne?”
“Un~ You too ne? I know you’ll be great” Yuto said and Hana giggles
‘That was unexpected’ Ryosuke though to himself

“Ruri-chan gambatte ne” Chinen sai hi-5 Ruri
“Thank you Chinen-kun, You too ne?” Ruri said
“You are soooo cute” Chinen said, pinching Ruri’s cheeks
“Mou~ Chinen-kun it hurts” Ruri pout
“Sorry I couldn’t help it” Chinen laughs

“Kaori-chan do you’re best ne? I know you will” Kei said
“Thank you Inoo-kun, I’ll hope it all goes well” Kaori said nervously
“Kaori, calm down” Keito said ruffling Kaori’s hair “Just give it you’re all out there, promise?” Kaori blushes at the sight of Keito’s pinky infront of her face
“Promise, I won't disappoints you” Kaori wraps her pinky around Keito’s and he pull her in for a hug
“I know you won’t”

“Ready Ikumi-chan?” Yabu ask
“I guess, I’m so nervous. My hands are freezing, I don’t know why. It's not even cold in here” Ikumi said to Yabu. Yabu took her hand to his mouth and blows his breath then rubs it to make her hand warm. Ikumi’s heart pound
“Don’t worry, you’ll be great” Yabu said, Ikumi suddenly felt calm.
“Yabu, Hikaru, Yuya, are you guys ready?” The staff ask
“OK, you 3 will be introducing the girls. The rest of you will take the girls up to the stage, got it?” The staff assigns the gang
“Got it” The boys answer
“Great, places everyone!” Yabu, Yuya, and Hikaru are all standing in front of the gang ready to go out. The staff put the rest into the walking orders Hana to stand in the middle of Ryosuke and Yuto, follow by Ikumi in the middle of Daiki and Kei, Kaori with Keito, and Ruri with Chinen.
“3, 2, 1. Alright you 3 go!” the staff calls out and the 3 boys walks up onstage follow by the screaming sounds of girls.
“Alright everybody how are you feeling out there!” the boys ask. The fans all answer at the same time “We have the honor to introduce the newest group to the stage”
The fans all went crazy for the girls making them feel excited
“Please welcome Sugar and Spice!!” Once the name is heard the rest of the gang all walks up the stage. The fans are screaming even more when they saw the girls walking out with the rest of the Jump boys. Once the girls got on their spots, they couldn’t believed what they saw, thousands of fans are cheering for them, waving at them, calling out their group names.
“This is so cool” Kaori said to herself
“soak it all in, they likes you” Keito said reassure Kaori, patting her hand that was link to his arm
“Are you guys ready to see they perform?” Yuya ask the fan
“Yes!!” The fans answer
“Alright! Girls please take places” Yuya said, and the girl took their places on the stage
“Here to perform 2 of their newest singles. Here first before anywhere. Sugar and Spice” Hikaru said and the boys all stand on the side, letting the girls have the spotlight

First song
Jennie : Hana
Rose : Ikumi
Lisa : Kaori
Jisoo : Ruri

Second song

“Wow, these girls are legit great performers” Daiki said, staring at the girls in awe
“Her voice is amazing” Yabu said referring to Ikumi
“They look really good out there” Yuto said. Ryosuke kept his eyes on Hana
‘She’s so cool’ Ryosuke’s thought
Keito watches the show, not taking his eyes off of Kaori for a secong, he smiles at her performance on stage, somehow feels proud of what he sees.
“She still manage to look cute yet so grown up on stage” Chinen said, watching how Ruri dances.
The songs ended and the fans all cheered for the girls and chanted their names. The girls smile brightly and thanked the fans, bowing to them
“Woo woo! Give it up for Sugar and Spice, that was amazing” Hikaru said and walks out to the girls, Yuya and Yabu follows
“That was so good” Yabu said “Thank you Sugar and Spice”
The girls bows again and walks off the stage. The boys were there, ready to congratulate them for their performance.
“That was amazing girls” Kei said hi-5 all the girls “You girls are so cool”
“How are you feeling” Keito ask Kaori
“Great! That was so fun!!” Kaori said jumping up and down. Keito laughs
“See, you enjoys it and it turn out great. I’m no where near disappointment at all”
“Thank you so much Keito” Kaori said hugging Keito
“You were so great out there Ruri-chan, I’m so stun” Chinen said to Ruri
“Thank you so much Chinen-kun” Ruri said
“Sorry gang, I got to take Sugar and Spice to a meeting for a while” The staff said to the gang
“oh ok, see you guys later” Hana said and the girls all left with the staff.

“Hello Girls, please come in and sit down” Johnny-san said. The girls do as they were told and sits down
“Your performance were really good. The reactions from the fans were incredible” Johnny-san continues
“Thank you so much” The girls harmonized
“I have plan some future project for you girls already. You will be performing as an opening act on Hey Say Jump’s tour. And may be performing with them in some parts of the concert too” Johnny-san said
“Really?!!?” Ruri and Kaori ask excitedly
“Sure is” Johnny-san said smiling at how excited the girls are “But before that, we need to film your solo songs for your introduction to the fans first. You may choose the style of the music and the style of videos you want to film. We will be using the footages on the tour as well”
“That sounds great” Ikumi said smiling widely
“And after you girls are back from the tour, Hana-chan will be doing a drama with Yamashita Tomohisa, Kaori-chan will be having a photo book release, Ruri-chan will have her own radio show, and Ikumi-chan will be recording a song with one of the senior. To get you girls more well known. How’s that sound?” Johnny-san told the girl about the rest of the plan
“Fantastic, thank you so much for the opportunities” Hana said and the girls bows
“No problem. Work hard ne?” Johnny-san said
“Hai!” The girls said in unison

Chapter 1 has been release!! hope you like it ne?
I'll update soon ^^

Sugar and Spice : Foreword and Introducing Character!!!
Author's note (Please read!!) : i have decided to change the story up abit. instead of being a k-pop girl group from korea falling in love with JUMP member,  the story will be about the first girl group in Johnny's entertainment who will be doing both J-pop and k-pop songs and will fall in live with JUMP members


“Thank you for coming today to hear our company’s announcement” The announcer said to the press as the sound of the shutters clicking, and flash is flashing can be heard all over the meeting room. “Johnny’s Entertainment will be releasing our very first girl group”
The announcer said causing a big commotion by the press due to Johnny’s entertainment never had a girl let along a girl group in the entertainment. This is a big shock to everybody.
“The point of having a girl group in our entertainment are: Johnny-san wants his artist to breakthrough to the Korean music Industry due to the impact of K-pop music in the current time, Also Johnny-san always have the idea of having girl groups in the company for a long time, he has been building up and training a group of girls as artists for a while now and it’s time release the group to the audience” the press continues to listen through out the meeting “The girls will be releasing Korean music as well as Japanese music, for the Korean market audience. As their base is here in Japan they will be traveling back and forth to Korea” The announcer said, the press are quick to record the information for their article. As that is going on the announcer continues
“The girl group will be call ‘Sugar and Spice’ for their sweet but yet very sexy, sassy, and as you can say ‘spicy’ identities. The group will be consisting of, First Kwon Hana, Jung Ikumi, Miyagawa Kaori, Hiwatari Ruri. The group will be debuting today at Shounen Club, so please keep an eye out for them. Thank you for your time, for further question will be answer individually, the staff will be gladly to help out” The announcer said and got down from the stage and all the press hurried out to the staff for their questions section.

“Guys! Big News!!!” Chinen Yuri said running quickly into the room
“Whats the big new Chinen” Takaki Yuri said while rubbing his ears due to Chinen’s loudness
“Johnny-san announce that our entertainment will be having our very first girl group” Chinen said excitedly
“Really?!!” The boys all are in disbelief
“Yea, I heard the staff talking about it. the members are Kwon Hana, Jung Ikumi-“
“Jung?” Yabu Kota ask cutting Chinen off
“Yea, I think they’re korea. Miyagawa Kaori-“
“Miyagawa Kaori??” Okamoto Keito ask cutting Chinen off again
“Yes, would you guys stop cutting me off. Last one is Hiwatari Ruri”
“What’s wrong Keito?” Arioka Daiki ask his friend that was still in shock
“Nothing, just curious” Keito said while trying to calm himself down turning his attention back to Chinen
“When will we get to meet them?” Daiki ask
“Today, Johnny-san will be introducing them to all of the seniors once there are done rehearsing. They’re making their debut and making their first appearance to the world at today’s show, performing along with us” Chinen said
“This is so exciting, our very first girl group. They will be really pretty I’m sure” Yaotome Hikaru said making his friends laughs
“How could you be so sure Hikaru?” Yabu Kota said
“I can feel it” Hikaru said with his head held high
“Hey Say Jump minna-san. Johnny-san wants you all to the stage to meet Sugar and Spice girls” The staff calling the boys by the doorway
“That’s the call, I can’t wait to meet them. Hopefully they will fall for my charms” Ryosuke said while getting up from his seat and turning on his charms and acting all cool
“Baka Ryo-chan” Chinen said, laughing at how Ryosuke act
“LET’S GO!!!” Hikaru call and ran out the room. The boys followed him

There you have it the preview to this Fanfiction ^^ Thank you to all the people who have participate in sending applications for being one of the girls in this story, and i do apologize for not picking some of the applications. I hope you're not mad at me. and Also congratulations to ruci_citra brenda000. Thank you so much for sending your application in, I'll work hard on this story for you to enjoy ne. ^^

So here there are folks, the characters to "Sugar and Spice" ^^


Name: Kwon Hana
Age: 23
Nationality: Japanese – Korean
-       Quiet
-       Smart
-       Laid back
-       Straight forward
-       Caring
Position: Leader/Main dancer/ Main Rapper/Singer
-       Compose Music
-       Write songs
-       Playing with mix table
-       Dancing
Lover : Yamada Ryosuke
Extras: close to yuto and Ryosuke is jealous later on through the story
Enemies: Nishiuchi Mariya

Name: Jung Ikumi
Age: 23
Nationality: Korean – Japanese
-       sweet
-       caring
-       loving
-       easy going
-       always worry about others
-       very mother-like
Position: Sub-leader/Main singer/Dancer
-       Baking
-       Crafting and Sewing
-       Photography
-       Painting
Lover: Yabu Kota
Enemies: Watanabe Mayu

Name: Miyagawa Kaori ruci_citra
Age: 22
Nationality: Japanese
-       Smart
-       Cheerful with the her bandmates
-       Despite her cute looks she is very mature for her age.
Position: Mascot/Dancer/Singer
-       Outdoor Activities (star gazing, Swimming, Snokeling)
-       Reading Books
-       Cooking
Lover: Inoo Kei
Extras: Keito’s Ex girlfriend

Name: Hiwatari Ruri brenda000
Age: 22
Nationality: Japanese
-       Shy girl but once you get to know her she’s a totally different person
-       Straight forward
-       Honest
-       Home body
-       Afraid of Thunder and lighting
-       Stubborn when she is headset of a decision
-       Easy going and laid back
Position: Youngest member/Rapper/Dancer/Singer
-       Reading books
-       Eating
-       Sleeping
Lover: Chinen Yuri
Enemies: Arai Moe
Hope you like this ne? I'll update the first chapter soon. please wait a bit ne? and also please do give some feedback ^^ Thank you again

Sugar and Spice (Re-write)

Hello everyone~!

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idol-love (5/?)
Title: Idol love (request from suzukitakaki)
Author: yukime
Pairing: Yabu Kota/Suzuki Airi 
Rating: G
Summary: They been together secretly for years, since 2007! Yabu loves airi and wants to be her for the rest of his life. One day airi and yabu are in the park at night and some of hey say jump and some c-ute members found them kissing. What will happen to them after their found out? 

~5pm~~message alert ~
*where are you baby? I’m in front if the building*
*be right dow ^^*
“I’m so happy” Yabu said to himself
“Kota” Airir called him, he turn and saw the girls
“This is Yabu Kota, and Kota, this is Yajima Mami, Okai Chisato, Nakajima Saki and Hagiwara Mai” Airi introduced
“Hi there Yabu-kun” the girls harmonized
“Hello, I’ve heard a lot about you”
“Happy anniversary” Chisato said
“Thank you so much” Yabu thanked
“Well we better get going. See you guys later ne? It was nice meeting you Yabu-kun”
“Like wise, thank you” Yabu said
“So how do you like the girls?” Airi asked Yabu once they started walking
“They’re nice, you were right Airi, Maimi-chan is really pretty” Yabu teased, Airi looked at him wide eyes
“Maimi-chan?!! Did you just call her Maimi-chan?” Airi asked
“Yeb, she’s beautiful too. She just my type” Yabu said, Airi frowned and walked straight ahead made Yabu giggle
“Airi! Airi wait u” Yabu said once he caught up to Airi “I was only kidding”
“Don’t you do that, I thought you were for real” Airi said and Yabu hug her
“You’re the only one for me” Yabu said, Airi smile brightly
“Shall we go? My mom is waiting to see you with her delicious dinner”
“Let’s go then”
“I’m home” Airi called put once she step through the door
“Hey guys, Kota-kun how are you?” Airi’s mother greeted
“I’m alright, thank you Suzuki-san”
“It’s been a while Kota-kun” Airi’s dad said patting Yabu’s shoulder
“Hello sir”
“come, dinner is ready. Both of you must be hungry”
“Very” The couple harmonized, making the elders laughs
“Thank you for the meal” Kota said and bow
“No worries, Airi walk Kota-kun out please” Airi’s mom said
“Yeb, be right back” Airi said and step out of the house
“Thank you for inviting me” Yabu said
“No prob, it’s been a while since we hang out like this”
“Hope my schedule will cool down a bit, so I can have more time to spend with you” Yabu said
“When can we meet again?”
“I don’t know, JUMP will be very busy with concerts and stuff” Yabu said
“And Buono is busy with recording and dance practice also” Airi said with her head hang low, Yabu saw that and pull Airi in to a kiss. Once they broke the kiss they hug each other tightly, not wanting to let go
“I want to stay like this” Yabu said
“I wish the time could just stop” Airi added, snuggling in to Yabu’s arms
“I know 4 years is a long time but please wait for me, by then Johnny will officially let me date and I’ll announce our relationship to the public” Airi laughs
“I’ll be waiting for that day” Airi said happily, but once again turn in to sad mode “ guess we have to let go now”
“Alright” they slowly let go of one another, Airi blushed and kiss Yabu once again on the cheek shyly, which he did the same to her
“You better go, it’s getting late” Airi said
“Yea, I love you” Yabu said while stroking Airi’s cheek
“I love you too, work hard too alright?”
“Will do” They both waved goodbyes
“Hello? Is the collum for the gossip of the stars?” a voice said to the hone “I have some great shots to proved that Yabu Kota from Hey Say Jump and Suzuki Airi from C-ute are dating. Yes I’ll send it to you right now”
-who should we credit the photos as?-
“Just say anonymous” 

idol-love (4/?)
Title: Idol love (request from suzukitakaki)
Author: yukime
Pairing: Yabu Kota/Suzuki Airi 
Rating: G
Summary: They been together secretly for years, since 2007! Yabu loves airi and wants to be her for the rest of his life. One day airi and yabu are in the park at night and some of hey say jump and some c-ute members found them kissing. What will happen to them after their found out? 

"ohayo minna!” Yabu said as he entered the dance studio “What’s with the quietness?”
“Yabu, we all know that you’re dating” Ryosuke open the topic, looking at Yabu with a serious face. Yabu froze
“Why didn’t you tellus?” Hikaru asked
“Yabu? Yabu!” Kei snapped Yabu out to reality
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Hikaru asked again
“Be-because if I tell you or anyone, it’s pretty much wil spread around” Yabu explained
“Yabu, why Suzuki Airi? Why her? You know I like her”  Yuya said in a loud voice
“I didn’t know that you like her” Yabu keep his voice in a calm tone, trying his best not to get angry
“Yes you did, we’ve been talking about the girls when we went to your house” Yuya said, louder
“I know her before you even got a glance at her Takai!” Yabu had enough and raised his tone
“wait, how long have you been together?” Kei asked curiously
“About 4 years already”
“And you kept that a secret?” Daiki asked, surprised. Yabu nodded
“I’m happy for you, but I’m still in shocked” Yuto said and the members nodded
“However, we’ll support you” Kei said while placing his hand on Yabu’s shoulder, then turn to Yuya “Right Yuya?” everyone turn to Yuya
“Whatever” Yuya said and walked out the door
“Morning Mina” Airi said as she steps in to C-ute’s resting room
“Airi-chan, there’s something we want to ask you” Maimi said while walking up to Airi “Whatever you answer is, we’ll support you all the way”
“What’s going on? You’re scaring me” Airi said while laughing dryly
“Airi-chan, on Friday night I was going to your house to give you the time table for today’s work. But when I was walking pass the park near your house, I saw you kissing someone” Mai said, Airi froze as her body shivered down the spine
“Why didn’t you tell us that you were dating?” Chisato asked with a smile
“I-I…I…I-I..I..” Airi stuttered
“Take a deep breath Airi.Breath in breath out” Maimi said with a smile while Airi and her doing breathing exercise, the girs gigges
“We’re happy for you, tell us everything. Who’s the guy?” Saki asked getting excited
“Yabu Kota, Hey Say Jump” Airi answered shyly
“A Johnny?” The girl harmonized, Airi nodded
“why didn’t you tell us?”
“I was scared that it would be out in the public, I mean, when you’re in the industry like this everything tends to be spread around really quickly: the girls all nodded, understanding Airi
“How long have you been together?”
“4 years last Friday, that’s why you saw us together” Airi said and turn to Mai
“Aww~ happy anniversary” The girls said and all giggles
“4 years that’s a long time”
“How can you keep the biggest secret ever for 4 years?” Saki asked, aazed
“clearly your parents know right?” Maimi asked
“Yeb, they support the relationship too” Airi answered
“What kind of guy is he?”
“Well he’s kind funny. He’s a lovable guy”
“I’m so jealous”Chisato said
“Can we meet  him?” Mai asked
“Yea, I’ll invite him over”
“Yay!!” the girls harmonized
~Airi’s phone ring~
“I got to take this” Airi said while getting up and walked out of the room. The girls giggles as they know who’s calling
“Hello?” Airi answered
-hey, Airi the members know that we’re dating-
“Hey say jump too?”
-huh? What do you mean?-
“the girls found out too, they saw us at the park”
-what did they say? Anything bad happen?-
“The girls took it pretty well, they really want to meet you”
-That’s a relieved-
“How did the guys take it?”
-They said they’ll support us but Takaki doesn’t seem to have the same idea-
“I’m sorry Kota”
-no, don’t be. My girlfriend is really pretty and very talented, who wouldn’t fall for you-
“I’m really sorry if I caused you any trouble. I didn’t mean for any of it to happen”
-Suzuki Airi don’t worry about it. It’s fine, if he’s not going to support us then so what? All that matters is that the members supports us and we have one another-
“Yabu Kota, I know that I shouldn’t be taking and listening to all the negatives stuff but he is your friend afterall”
-He’ll get ver it soon enough. Anyways I finish work at 4 today, how about u?-
“About 5, why?”
-Alright, I’ll be picking you up today at your work place. So I can met the girls too-
“That fast?!!”
-Yeb, I’m really happy-
“lol!! Fine, I’ll tell my mom that you’re coming over too”
-that wil be good, I miss your mm’s cooking-
“*giggles* see you at 5 ko-chan, don’t be late”
-*laughs* will be there on time. Can’t wait to see you-

idol-love (3/?)
Title: Idol love (request from suzukitakaki)
Author: yukime
Pairing: Yabu Kota/Suzuki Airi 
Rating: G
Summary: They been together secretly for years, since 2007! Yabu loves airi and wants to be her for the rest of his life. One day airi and yabu are in the park at night and some of hey say jump and some c-ute members found them kissing. What will happen to them after their found out? 

 “Yuya, what time is it?” Yabu ask for the 10th time
“It’s still 6 pm, you ask me that like 5 minutes ago. What’s up with you?” Yuya ask, curiously
“nothing, I need to do something” Yabu ask sighing while looking at the red velvet box in hand
‘why is the time walking so slow? I want to meet my Airi!!’ Kota thought to himself

“I’m home!” Airi called from the front door, ran straight to the kitchen and took the chocolates out from the fridge
“It’s look so good” Airi’s mother said with a smile “I’m sure he’ll be really happy”
“Thanks mom” Airi smile “I better finish my homework and get ready then”
Airi went up to her room to prepared herself for her date with Yabu tonight, she dress her self in a blue bohemian frilly top and white short pants. After that she finish her homework up and when she look at the clock to check the time, she realized that it was time she should get going. She ran down stairs, got her cute box of chocolates and leaved the house, smiling out of happiness of getting to see her boy friend in so long.

“I’m off, see you” Yabu said once he saw it was already 9:30 and was about to rush off to his date but got stop by the members
“Yabu, isn’t your house that way? Where are you going?” Hikaru ask curiously
“I-I-I need to buy something at the grocery store”
“You want us to come with you?” Daiki offered
“No it’s ok, I got it. See you guys later ne?” Yabu said and finally he got away from the crowd
“Wow! That was close” Yabu said while he running for his life, not wanting to be late. And as he expected, He was late and Airi was already there waiting for him on the bench at the park where they usually meet
“You’re late” Airi said coldly
“I’m sorry, it’s really hard escaping from the members when they’re asking all the questions” Yabu said while walking right up to Airi and hug her tightly “Finally, I get to hug you again”
“I miss you” Airi said while snuggling into Yabu’s embrace
“I love it when you do that” Yabu said while kiss Airi on the forehead
“Hey, what you got there?” Airi ask and point to the cake box that Yabu brought
“Happy 4 years anniversary” Yabu said and give the cake to Airi “I made it myself”
“Aww~ you’re the best” Airi said once she saw the cake and gave Yabu a kiss on the cheek
“Here, I made it myself too” Airi said and handed the chocolate box to Yabu, once he open it up he straight away smile and popped one in his mouth
“Umai!!” Yabu exclaimed happily, made Airi smile and giggle
“oh yea, I almost forgot. Airi, since we’ve been together for 4 year already and when you think about it, we still haven’t got a couple rings yet. So I got these made, for us” Airi was shocked, open the box with wide eyes. The rings wrote ‘K-A forever’
“it’s perfect” Airi said, her eyes getting teary
“I knew you’ll like it” Yabu said and popped the ring on Airi’s ring finger, and also did the same to his ring finger
“I love you” Yabu said and move closer to Airi, pressing his lips against her.
“Oh no, Yabu ask me to look after his phone for him and he forgot to get it back” Keito said
“It’s alright, I’ll give it back to him. I need to buy something too. Ja ne” Yuya said and took off
“Yuya wait up!” voices call Yuya from behind made him turn to them. It’s Yuto and Ryosuke
“What are you guys doing here?” Yuya ask curiously
“I just remembered that I forgot something at Yabu’s, and Yuto wanted to tag along” Ryosuke said
“Hey isn’t that Yabu-kun?” Yuto said and point to a tall figure in the park
“That’s him alright, I thought he was going to the grocery store” Yuya said
“who is he with?” Ryosuke said and the boys all take a look carefully
“Suzuki Airi!!” They all harmonized
“This is bad” Yuto said
“did you know he was dating?”
“Nope, how dare he steal my dream girl” Yuya said angrily
“calm down Yuya, I’m sure he got some explanations about this” Ryosuke said, trying to calm Yuya down but it doesn’t seem to work
“You’re telling me to calm down, when you see them kissing like this?!!!” Yuya said aloud
“Shush! They might hear you. We’ll ask him tomorrow” Yuto said quickly covered Yuya’s mouth
“Yea, let’s go first before they sees us” Ryosuke said while him and Yuto quickly dragged Yuya out of the scene

“I’ll be right back Mom, I just remember that I need to give the schedule to Airi for work on Monday” Mai said, got her coat and walk out of her house
“It’s been so long since I came out for a walk at night” Mai said to herself while looking at the surrounding in a different view as when she looks at it in the day time. She then was about to walk past the park when suddenly she spotted Airi
“Airi-chan?” Mai said and was shock once she saw Airi kissing Yabu. Mai gasp but quickly covered her mouth, don’t want to make a sound to disturb the both of them. She then quickly ran out of the scene, still confuse of what’s going on


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