naivekiara (naivekiara) wrote,

Sugar and Spice (Re-write)

Hello everyone~!

!! My name is Balm. I used to write fanfiction here on LJ but been on a really long break. Now i came back to brush up on my skills and get my imagination running once again.

For this fiction that i'm about to start is a re-write on the fanfiction that i wrote and published on

The story is all about a k-pop girl group call 'Sugar and Spice' traveling back and forth from Korea-Japan for work and fell in love with Hey Say Jump members.

Now i would like you guys to join and be apart of my fanfiction as one of the characters. I need 4 girls in total, so please if you're interested in being in a k-pop girl group and falling in love with your favourite JUMP members, please fill in this application:





Position in the group:


Lover from JUMP:

Enemies (ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, love enemies, etc.)

Notes you would like to request:

Hope you guys will be interested ^^

Arigatou gosaimasu ^^

Tags: heysayjump, heysayjump/oc, j-pop, k-pop, title:sugarandspice
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