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Sugar and Spice : Chapter 1

Title: Sugar and Spice
Author: yukime
Pairing: Hey Say Jump/ oc
Rating: PG-13
Summary: First (K-pop/J-pop) girl group in Johnny's entertainment had debuted. what will happen if they fall inlove with JUMP members? A lot of Chaos ofcourse!! ^^



Chapter 1
“Hey Yamada-kun!” a sound of a senior greeted Ryosuke
“Yamashita-kun! How are you?” Ryosuke greeted back
“I’m all good, I saw your drama the other day. Great stuff, you’re really getting better” Yamashita-kun said
“Thank you so much senpai” Ryosuke said with a wide smile spread on his face.
“Yamapi!!!” Hikaru call out and jump onto Yamashita-kun
“Hikaru!!! Long time no see!!” Yamashita-kun said, ruffling Hikaru’s hair
“I miss youuuuuuu~” Hikaru whine
“Alright boys settle down, please take your seats” Johnny-san came into the room and everyone all took their seats, ready for the meeting
“Kaori-chan” Keito said quietly. But his voice is enough to grab Kaori’s attention
“You know her Keito?” Daiki ask
“Yea, a long time ago” Keito said while nodding his head to Kaori. She smiles and nods her head back to Keito
“That girl look so cute” Hikaru said to Ryosuke, pointing at the girl with shoulder length hair, small in size and a pretty smile
“I call dips on that girl over there, she so beautiful” Ryosuke said pointing to the girl with long wavy hair who is sitting quietly listens to her friends chit chat
“Yabu who do you think is the cutest?” Ryosuke ask Yabu but got no response in return. He turns his attention from the girls to Yabu finding Yabu in awe while staring at a girl. The girl got long black hair, cute face, and a beautiful smile.
“Yabu, Yabu!” Kei said, snapping his fingers in front of Yabu’s face
“Huh? What?” Yabu said, looking around
“Johnny-san is starting” Kei said and they turn to Johnny-san
“Good afternoon everyone. You might have already heard from today’s announcement about our company. We have our first girl group in the entertainment. So I would like the girls to introduce themselves to their senpai. Start eith Hana-chan” Johnny-san said
“Hai~ Kwon Hana desu. I’m 23 years old. Leader of Sugar and Spice. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu” Hana said and bow to her fellow senpai
“Jung Ikumi desu. I’m 23 years old. Sub-Leader of Sugar and Spice. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu” Jung Ikumi smile brightly and bow
“Miyagawa Kaori desu. I’m 22 years old. I’m the mascot of Sugar and Spice. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu” Kaori smile and bows. She looks at Keito and smile before she sits down.
“Hiwatari Ruri desu. I’m 22 years old. The youngest member of Sugar and Spice. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu” Ruri said and bows. All the senior applause for the girls
“These girls are very talented and with the help from all of you they can become great, so please take good care of them and give them guidelines for their journey” Johnny-san said to all the senior
“Hai~” The senior harmonized
“That’s good to hear, now go and get ready for today’s show. It will be a special one with all the seniors and the newest group performing together. Work hard ne?”
“Hai!!” all the group said. Johnny-san smile and left the room, leaving his idols to have some free time
“Kaori” Keito said, walking straight up to Kaori
“Keito-kun. It’s been a long time”
“Yea, It’s been so long. Congratulations on your debut by the way. I know it have always been your dream to be a singer” Keito said and ruffles Kaori’s hair
“Thank you Keito-kun. Congrats to you too. You’re really famous now” Kaori said giggling and Keito’s actions
“Thank you so much” Keito said

“Hi! I’m Yamada Ryosuke” Ryosuke said, extended out his hand for a shake
“Kwon Hana, nice to meet you” Hana said and shook Ryosuke’s hand
“What nationality are you. You don’t look like you’re full Japanese” Ryosuke ask, not taking his eyes out of Hana
“I’m half Korea half Japanese. My dad is Korean actually”
“That’s so cool. Do you have a boyfriend?” Ryosuke said flirtatiously and wink at Hana
“Wow, 2 seconds and you’re already hitting on me?” Hana said, laughing in disbelief
“Well you’re cute. There’s something about you that just don’t let me walk away from you” Ryosuke said smirking
“How many girls have you used that line with?” Hana said still laughing, still in disbelief
“Not many. Do you like it?” Ryosuke said, proud at his pickup line
“Sorry, but I don’t like bad boys” Hana smirks and walk away from the now stunned Ryosuke
“Nice going Ryosuke, you just got on her bad side” Daiki saod patting Ryosuke’s back
“Ahh~ what I’m I going to do? I just made a bad impression!” Ryosuke whine
“You really like her Ryosuke? Normally you would just don’t care if girls hates you or not. But now you’re concern when it’s her”
“I don’t know why, but something about her really sticks out to me. I just screwed my chance up” Ryosuke said while look at Hana talking Yuto and Yuya

“Yabu Kota desu, Yoroshiku”
“Jung Ikumi desu, nice to meet you too. Hope we can get along well together ne?”
“Hope so too. I’m really looking forward to see your work” Yabu said
“Thank you so much. It so good to hear it from a senpai” Ikumi blushes
“Ah not at all. Please don’t call me senpai. Just call me by my name. Our ages are not that far apart ne?” Yabu said with a reassuring smile
“Alright Yabu-kun” Ikumi blushes even more

“Ruri-chan!” Chinen call out
“Hai?” Ruri curiously turn around to the call
“Chinen Yuri desu, nice to meet you” Chinen said extended his hand towards Ruri
“Nice to meet you senpai” Ruri said and shook Chinen’s hand
“No need to call me senpai, We’re friends ne?” Chinen said and Ruri giggles and nods
“Girls, we got to go get you ready for the show” The staff said
“I’ll see you later ne? Chinen-kun” Ruri said to Chinen
“Yeb, We’ll be cheering for you” Chinen said and Ruri blush and walks off with the others girls following her as well

“Here are your dressing room girls. Your costumes have each of your names on it, on that rack over there. Hair and Make up will be here shortly” The staff said and left. The girls all changed into their costumes and hair and make up arrives. While Ruri and Kaori getting themselves glam up, Ikumi and Hana sits down on the sofa and chat quietly.
“Yabu-kun is so sweet” Ikumi smile while thinking about Yabu dreamily
“Ooh, somebody is in love I see” Hana tease while poking her bestfriend’s cheek
“Hana~” Ikumi whine
“But he is a gentlemen. He looks like one. Not like that Yamada Ryosuke, such a playboy. I can’t believe that he think his charms will work for every girl in the world” Hana said getting annoy at Ryosuke
“But you don’t think he’s cute? He exactly your type” Ikumi teased Hana back
“Well…He is cute” Hana said blush at her answer “But he’s still a bad boy and I don’t like that”
“Yea, that’s a pity. He’s cute and talented” Ikumi said and turn to Kaori “Kaori-chan, you know Okamoto-kun before this?”
“Ah yea. He’s….my ex boyfriend actually” Kaori said nervously
“What?!!?” The girls harmonized
“Since when??” Ruri ask, looking at Kaori through her make up stand mirror
“We broke up when Hey Say Jump was getting a lot of public appearance. May be like 2 or 3 years ago I think” Kaori said and got up from her make up chair, swapping places with Hana since she was done
“Why did you guys break up?” Ikumi ask once Kaori was sitting down next to her
“We didn't actually broke up. I got to study abroad and we kind of drifted apart. When I came back to Japan, he was already too famous to hang around and talk with. So I find it’s no use for us anymore” Kaori said sadly
“I’m sorry to hear” Hana said
“No biggy, I’m alright now. It was a really long time ago” Kaori said while playing with her phone
“Oh Ruri-chan, I saw you talking Chinen-kun. How is he?” Kaori ask
“He’s nice, he’s really friendly” Ruri said, swapping seats with Ikumi. Not long after that the girls are ready for the show.

“Hey say Jump minna-san are you all here?” The staff call as everybody were all ready to perform
“Yeb we’re all here” Yabu answer once he finished counting all his mates
“Sugar and Spice minna-san are you here?” The staff calls out again
“Yeb, we’re here” The girl ran as they answer huffing and puffing once they stop
“Wow, you girls looking sharp” Kei compliments the girls
“Thank you Inoo-kun” Ruri said
“Sugar and Spice minna-san could you stand here with heysay Jump please. Hey say Jump will introduce you guys and will lead you girls on stage” The staff said and the girls stands next to Hey Say Jump
“Go on Yama-chan” Daiki whispers to Ryosuke
“What do you want me to say? If I compliments her, she will think I use some pick-up lines again” Ryosuke ask
“But you always uses pick-up lines to pick up girls. That’s what ‘pick-up lines’ are all about” Daiki said
“I don’t think that it will work this times. Besides, I don’t want to get on her bad side anymore” Ryosuke said “But I don’t know what to do”
“Just say what you want to say, Hana-chan is not that mean” Ikumi said
“ehh!!” Ryosuke and Daiki got caught off guard when they know who answer them
“I over heard your conversation, sorry about that” Ikumi said with a smile
“But how do you know who are we talking about?” Ryosuke ask
“C’mon Yamada-kun I can see it all in your eyes. You’ve always staring at Hana-chan, and you recently just got on her bad side. She told me” Ikumi said
“So I should just go and talk to her?” Ryosuke ask again
“Yes, now go. Before the taping begins” Ikumi said and push Ryosuke towards Hana’s directions
“Hey Hana-chan” Ryosuke said nervously
“What’s wrong with you, you look nervous. Aren’t you supposed to be used to taping and performing already?” Hana said and giggles
“You looks really nice” Ryosuke said making Hana stun on her spot. Her heart beat fast.
“Is this one of your pick up lines again Yamada-kun. I told you already, I don’t like bad boys” Hana ask Ryosuke while trying to calm herself down inside.
“No it’s not. I really think your look beautiful. And I wasn’t lying when I said that there’s something about you that I can’t ignore” Ryosuke said “I’m sorry if I got on your bad side”
“Thanks, Yamada-kun” Hana blushes. Ryosuke smiles
“Hana-chan! You look great!” Yuto walks in and hugs Hana to encourage her. Ryosuke stare at them with wide eyes as Hana hugs Yuto back
“Thanks Yuto-kun, gambatte ne?”
“Un~ You too ne? I know you’ll be great” Yuto said and Hana giggles
‘That was unexpected’ Ryosuke though to himself

“Ruri-chan gambatte ne” Chinen sai hi-5 Ruri
“Thank you Chinen-kun, You too ne?” Ruri said
“You are soooo cute” Chinen said, pinching Ruri’s cheeks
“Mou~ Chinen-kun it hurts” Ruri pout
“Sorry I couldn’t help it” Chinen laughs

“Kaori-chan do you’re best ne? I know you will” Kei said
“Thank you Inoo-kun, I’ll hope it all goes well” Kaori said nervously
“Kaori, calm down” Keito said ruffling Kaori’s hair “Just give it you’re all out there, promise?” Kaori blushes at the sight of Keito’s pinky infront of her face
“Promise, I won't disappoints you” Kaori wraps her pinky around Keito’s and he pull her in for a hug
“I know you won’t”

“Ready Ikumi-chan?” Yabu ask
“I guess, I’m so nervous. My hands are freezing, I don’t know why. It's not even cold in here” Ikumi said to Yabu. Yabu took her hand to his mouth and blows his breath then rubs it to make her hand warm. Ikumi’s heart pound
“Don’t worry, you’ll be great” Yabu said, Ikumi suddenly felt calm.
“Yabu, Hikaru, Yuya, are you guys ready?” The staff ask
“OK, you 3 will be introducing the girls. The rest of you will take the girls up to the stage, got it?” The staff assigns the gang
“Got it” The boys answer
“Great, places everyone!” Yabu, Yuya, and Hikaru are all standing in front of the gang ready to go out. The staff put the rest into the walking orders Hana to stand in the middle of Ryosuke and Yuto, follow by Ikumi in the middle of Daiki and Kei, Kaori with Keito, and Ruri with Chinen.
“3, 2, 1. Alright you 3 go!” the staff calls out and the 3 boys walks up onstage follow by the screaming sounds of girls.
“Alright everybody how are you feeling out there!” the boys ask. The fans all answer at the same time “We have the honor to introduce the newest group to the stage”
The fans all went crazy for the girls making them feel excited
“Please welcome Sugar and Spice!!” Once the name is heard the rest of the gang all walks up the stage. The fans are screaming even more when they saw the girls walking out with the rest of the Jump boys. Once the girls got on their spots, they couldn’t believed what they saw, thousands of fans are cheering for them, waving at them, calling out their group names.
“This is so cool” Kaori said to herself
“soak it all in, they likes you” Keito said reassure Kaori, patting her hand that was link to his arm
“Are you guys ready to see they perform?” Yuya ask the fan
“Yes!!” The fans answer
“Alright! Girls please take places” Yuya said, and the girl took their places on the stage
“Here to perform 2 of their newest singles. Here first before anywhere. Sugar and Spice” Hikaru said and the boys all stand on the side, letting the girls have the spotlight

First song
Jennie : Hana
Rose : Ikumi
Lisa : Kaori
Jisoo : Ruri

Second song

“Wow, these girls are legit great performers” Daiki said, staring at the girls in awe
“Her voice is amazing” Yabu said referring to Ikumi
“They look really good out there” Yuto said. Ryosuke kept his eyes on Hana
‘She’s so cool’ Ryosuke’s thought
Keito watches the show, not taking his eyes off of Kaori for a secong, he smiles at her performance on stage, somehow feels proud of what he sees.
“She still manage to look cute yet so grown up on stage” Chinen said, watching how Ruri dances.
The songs ended and the fans all cheered for the girls and chanted their names. The girls smile brightly and thanked the fans, bowing to them
“Woo woo! Give it up for Sugar and Spice, that was amazing” Hikaru said and walks out to the girls, Yuya and Yabu follows
“That was so good” Yabu said “Thank you Sugar and Spice”
The girls bows again and walks off the stage. The boys were there, ready to congratulate them for their performance.
“That was amazing girls” Kei said hi-5 all the girls “You girls are so cool”
“How are you feeling” Keito ask Kaori
“Great! That was so fun!!” Kaori said jumping up and down. Keito laughs
“See, you enjoys it and it turn out great. I’m no where near disappointment at all”
“Thank you so much Keito” Kaori said hugging Keito
“You were so great out there Ruri-chan, I’m so stun” Chinen said to Ruri
“Thank you so much Chinen-kun” Ruri said
“Sorry gang, I got to take Sugar and Spice to a meeting for a while” The staff said to the gang
“oh ok, see you guys later” Hana said and the girls all left with the staff.

“Hello Girls, please come in and sit down” Johnny-san said. The girls do as they were told and sits down
“Your performance were really good. The reactions from the fans were incredible” Johnny-san continues
“Thank you so much” The girls harmonized
“I have plan some future project for you girls already. You will be performing as an opening act on Hey Say Jump’s tour. And may be performing with them in some parts of the concert too” Johnny-san said
“Really?!!?” Ruri and Kaori ask excitedly
“Sure is” Johnny-san said smiling at how excited the girls are “But before that, we need to film your solo songs for your introduction to the fans first. You may choose the style of the music and the style of videos you want to film. We will be using the footages on the tour as well”
“That sounds great” Ikumi said smiling widely
“And after you girls are back from the tour, Hana-chan will be doing a drama with Yamashita Tomohisa, Kaori-chan will be having a photo book release, Ruri-chan will have her own radio show, and Ikumi-chan will be recording a song with one of the senior. To get you girls more well known. How’s that sound?” Johnny-san told the girl about the rest of the plan
“Fantastic, thank you so much for the opportunities” Hana said and the girls bows
“No problem. Work hard ne?” Johnny-san said
“Hai!” The girls said in unison

Chapter 1 has been release!! hope you like it ne?
I'll update soon ^^
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