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Sugar and Spice : Chapter 3

Title: Sugar and Spice
Author: yukime
Pairing: Hey Say Jump/ oc
Rating: PG-13
Summary: First (K-pop/J-pop) girl group in Johnny's entertainment had debuted. what will happen if they fall inlove with JUMP members? A lot of Chaos ofcourse!! ^^


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Chapter 3

“Good Morning everyone! We’re here at the set for my first solo music video!! Ooh I’m so excited. I’ll give you a dressing room tour. Come with me” Ruri said to the camera she’s holding in her hand and walks towards the dressing room
“Here it is, and here is Yabu-kun getting his hair done by our lovely hair dresser” Ruri said while filming Yabu “Yabu-kun say hi”
“Hello everyone~ please keep an eye out for Ruri’s first solo video. It’s awesome” Yabu said
“How do you know Yabu-kun. We haven’t star filming yet” Ruri said and both of them laughs. Yabu then sits up properly once he got his hair all done and Ruri came to sir beside him so he could be in the shot with her
“Since we’re all done getting ready, we’ll go to the set now. See you in the behind the scenes. Bye everyone!!” Ruri said and her and Yabu waves to the camera.
“Ruri-chan, You know where Ikumi-chan is filming today?” Yabu ask
“Her que is longer than ours. I think around 7pm. I think we finish around 4”
“I really want to see what her set looks like” Yabu said, Ruri giggles
“You want to see her don’t you Yabu-kun” Ruri smiles “You really like her don’t you?”
Yabu blushes
“Who told you that?” Yabu ask
“Chinen-kun” Ruri laughs
“Blabber mouth” Yabu said and tsk
“*laughs* you guys looks cute together” Ruri said
“You think so?” Yabu ask, got all excited
“Yea, she seems to like you too”
“Really?!!?” Yabu ask again, his heart pounding
“Yea, you should just go for it” Ruri said and took a sip from her drink bottle, getting ready to film.
“Ruri-chan, Yabu-kun. Ready on set!” The director call and both the idols walk to their places. The filming starts

~Ikumi’s side~
“Today we’re here at the set of Sugar and Spice’s Jung Ikumi’s solo music video shoot” the reporter said to the camera and turns to Ikumi and Kamenashi-kun who is waiting to be interview
“Good morning to both of you, and I believe a congratulations is in order to Ikumi-san for your first solo music video” The reporter greeted the idols
“Thank you so much, I’ve been working very hard on this music video so please keep an eye out for it” Ikumi said
“And Kamenashi-san, you’re the lead male of this music video I see. How do you feel about working with Ikumi-san?” The reporter ask Kamenashi-kun
“It’s an honor to be working with such a talented person. It’s the first time I heard her actually sing. She have an amazing voice” Kamenashi-kun said. Ikumi smile and bows for Kamenashi-kun
“Oooh, the fans really wants to hear the song now I’m sure. That’s all we have time for the interview. Ikumi-san please say something to the fans” the reporter said
“Hai~ my solo song will be releasing for you soon. The music video have a cute feeling to it with a bit of dancing, and very sweet storyline. Please wait a bit everyone”
“Thank you for your time and we’ll be seeing you later” The reporter said to the camera and the camera turns off
“Thank you so much for the interview” The reporter said to the idols, they both bows back to her
“Ikumi-chan, Kamenashi-kun. You’re needed back at the set” The staff came to call them
“Hai~” They harmonized and follows the staff to the set

~Ruri’s side~
“Thank you Yabu-kun. You’re wrap for the shoot” The director announce. Yabu bows to the applause everyone was giving him
“Let’s continued the last dance scene everyone. Dancers please stand by on set” The director said and everyone obeys him “Places everyone, anddd action!”
The songs starts and the dancers starts moving in routine. Ruri dance the choreograph and while turning her charms on for the camera. She got the dance shots down in 5 takes.
That’s a wrapped everyone! Thank you for your hard work!” everyone applause and Ruri and Yabu walks back to their dressing room to pack their things up
“Do you still want to go to Ikumi-chan’s shoot?” Ruri ask Yabu
“Of course, I really want to see what her music video is like” Yabu said while throwing his bag over his shoulder
“let’s go then. The van is ready for us” Ruri said and they left the set and got on to the van, heading to Ikumi’s shoot
“You work really hard today Ruri-chan. I’m a proud senpai” Yabu said making Ruri laughs
“Thank you Yabu-kun”
“I’m so tired” Yabu said and close his eyes drifted to sleep. Ruri yawns and did the same
“We’re here” the staff calls out to the idols and they thank the driver and got out of the van, walking in the studio
“Make up please wipe the sweats out of the idols’ faces. Dancers please stand by for the dance shot” The director calls out. Yabu and Ruri walks in, being greeted by everyone. Ikumi saw them walking in and waves to them. They both waves in return and watches her work.
“And action!”
I kumi sings the song while dancing to it with Kamenashi-kun
“The dance is so cute. Kamenashi-kun is so good at dancing” Ruri said while her body moves along to the song
“Her voice is so good. It so sweet” Yabu said while staring at Ikumi
“I know right”
The song came to the last part where Ikumi hit 3 highest notes in the song.
“Wow, I didn’t know she can do that” Yabu stun at Ikumi singing abilities
“That was fantastic! It’s a wrapped everyone, thank you for your hard work” The director said and Ikumi and Kamenashi-kun bows to the applause they got. Ikumi walks over to Yabu and Ruri
“Hey~ what are you guys doing here?” Ikumi said all smiles
“We finish filming out video so we came to see yours. Your set look so cool” Ruri said
“I’m so tired and hungry. What are Hana and Kaori up to today?” Ikumi said while the 3 of them walk back to the dressing room
“Hana-chan call a day off because she is sick. Kaori-chan went to the editing section of her video” Ruri said
“Ohh, you think Hana eats yet?” Ikumi ask while gets behind the curtain of the changing room
“Nope” Ruri answer. Ikumi laughs and opens up the changing curtain with her in her casual outfit
“do you want to go over and cook dinner at her house?” Ikumi suggested
“sounds fun!” Ruri said
“Do you want to come with Yabu-kun?” Ikumi ask turning to Yabu
“sounds like fun, can I invite the boys too?”
“Of course” Ikumi said “Let’s go, we got to go get a lot of stuff from the super market”
“I’ll call up the boys” Yabu said and the 3 of them got on to the van

~Door Bell rings~
Hana groans and sit up on the couch. She shakes her heads to get a clearer vision and slowly getting up and walks to the door and opens it
“Surprise!!” the gang all at her door step with groceries, smiling at her.
“How are you feeling” Kaori ask her
“A bit better I think” Hana said “Come on in guys”
The gang all got into Hana’s house and made themselves at home
“Your parents not at home again?” Ikumi ask while putting the groceries on the kitchen counter and began to prepared a meal for 13 people all together
“Yea, business trip again” Hana said, dropping herself on the couch
“You girls need help in the kitchen?” Yuya ask
“A lot of help” Ikumi said and the boys all got up to the kitchen, exceot for Ryosuke. He came and sit down next to Hana
“How are you feeling?” Ryosuke ask Hana
“Why do you care?” Hana answer, still angry with Ryosuke
“If I remember correctly, I’m just a girl that play with other guys feeling to you” Hana said looking straight at Ryosuke seeing his guilty eyes
“I’m sorry Hana. I was wrong. I wish I could take it back”
“Well you can’t”
“I’m really sorry. Please give me another chance to make it right” Ryosuke pleaded
“I don’t know. It’s already the second time you ask me for a chance. How many more times do I need to give you chances?”
“Then I will prove it to you. I will make it right” Ryosuke said looking deep into Hana’s eyes

“How was your shoot Ruri-chan?” Chinen said while dicing the vegetables
“It was so fun, I never knew filming a music video would be this much fun” Ruri said while rolling meat pieces in her hands making meat balls.
“Yabu-kun sent me a photo of you. You’re so cute in school uniform” Chinen said causing Ruri to stop her actions, stare at Chinen and blush. Chinen looks at her and smiles
“I really mean it” Chinen said done with cutting the vegetables and put it a bowl, handing it to Kaori.

“Here Inoo-kun can you hand this to Ikumi-chan please” Kaori handed Kei the bowl of vegetables for Ikumi to put into the tomato sauce “Ikumi-chan do you need more tomatoes?”
“Yep, about 3 more” Ikumi said while stirring the sauce
“Here are the meat balls Ikumi-chan” Ruri said and place a huge bowl of the meat balls she just finished rolling up.
“Keito could you hand me another pack of spaghetti noodles” Yabu said while rincing out the finished noodles
“Here Yabu, catch!” Keito said tossing him the pack. Yabu tear the packets off and slide the pasta noodles in to the pot.
“*breath in* Ah~ it smeel so good. I hungry now” Kaori said while looking at the sauce pot
“Here, try this” Ikumi said giving Kaori a taste of the spaghetti sauce
“So good~” Kaori said with sparkles in her eyes
“All done!” Yabu said and pour all the boiling water into the sink leaving the pasta noodles in the pot
“Me too! Ready to eat everyone!” Ikumi said and putting on her oven mitts, protecting her hands from touching the hot pot.
“Yeah!” Everyone all said in unison and get their own plates and utensils ready to eat.
“Itadaikimasu!!” Hikaru said and dig in.
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