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Sugar and Spice : Chapter 4

Title: Sugar and Spice
Author: yukime
Pairing: Hey Say Jump/ oc
Rating: PG-13
Summary: First (K-pop/J-pop) girl group in Johnny's entertainment had debuted. what will happen if they fall inlove with JUMP members? A lot of Chaos ofcourse!! ^^


brenda000 ruci_citra

“That was so tired” The gang said once they finished their practice “We’re half way through the practice for the tour right?”
“Yeb, we’re half way there” Yabu said, wiping sweat off of his face
“Guys, we have the music video for you now” The staff came into the practice room with a laptop in his habd ready for the gang. They all hurried and crowded around to watch the videos “Who’s first?”
“Ikumi-chan” Kaori said
“Alright. Introducing, Jung Ikumi” the staff said and put on Ikumi’s video

Ikumi as IU
Kamenashi Kazuya as her love interest and Dancer

The gang all watch the video silently, moving along to the music
“You are so cute” Hana said
“I love the song” Keito said
“Kamenashi-kun is so cool” Ruri said and squeal
“Your voice is amazing” Daiki said
“Well done Ikumi-chan” Ryosuke said and applause

“Let’s watch Hana’s”

Hana as Gu Hara
Yamashita Tomohisa as Her love interest, Dancer, Rapper

Ryosuke stare at the video with wide eyes ‘She’s beautiful’
“Your voice suit the song so well” Hikaru said
“You and Yamashita-kun looks so cute together” Ruri said

Ruri as Shanon
Yabu-kun as her love interest

“You’re adorable” Kaori said hugging Ruri
“See I told you, you look cute in school uniform” Chinen said. Ruri turn to him while he continues to watch the video
“Yabu-kun you’re really handsome” Kaori compliments Yabu
“*laughs* thank you Kaori-chan” Yabu said and turns to Ikumi. She gives him a thumbs up and smile
“Well done Ruri-chan

“Last but not least, Kaori-chan’s”

Kaori as Kang Jiyong
Keito as her love interest

“It’s so sad” Ruri said
“You guys look adorable together” Yuto said. Kaori turn to look at Keito and they exchange smiles. Once the video finished Keito and Kaori hi-5 each other
“We did good”
“Ah just in time. I thought you guys left already” The instructor came back into the room “Here are your chedule for tomorrow. There are some changes”
“Oh there are?” Yabu said and receiving the schedule from the instructor
“Yeb, you boys will be performing with the girls on their solo performances”
“This tour getting more interesting everyday” Hikaru said
“It sure is. Ryosuke, you will be performing with Hana in all of Yamashita-kun’s part. Yabu you will be performing on Ikumi’s song. Chinen performing with Ruri, and Keito performing with Kaori”
“ Looks like it’s your chance Yabu-kun” Ruri whispers to Yabu, he smile at her
“Ryosuke and Hana you will be practicing in this room tomorrow, Ikumi and Yabu in studio 2, Chinen and Ruri in studio 4, and Kaori and Keito in music room 2. Is that clear?”
“Yes sir”
“Alright then, see you tomorrow. And don’t be late” The gang pack up their bags and left the dance studio
“you guys want to grab something to eat?” Ikumi ask aloud
“Yeb, I’m starving” Yabu quickly answer
“I could smell the food from here. And there’s no food around” Daiki said
“Us too” Kaori and Ruri said at the same time
“Then let’s go. I saw a sushi place near here” Ikumi suggested and the gang all follow her

~the next day~
“Kaori wait up!” Keito said running up to Kaori with his guitar on his back
“Hey Keito, ready for practice?” Kaori ask
“Yeb, I listens to the song all night. Kind of got the rhythm down already, so I won’t slow the practice down today” Keito said
“You think too much. But thanks anyway”  Kaori said and opens the studio door and walks in
“I thought I heard you two coming in. Ok, let’s start the practice session shall we?” The music teacher said and they all got their guitars out and start playing.

~Ikumi’s side~
“1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Do it again” The instructor said and everyone walk back to their starting place
“5 6 7 8” everyone all dance beautifully and in routine through the choreography
“Great! Now with the music” The instructor said and turn on the music “Ikumi sing live too”
“Hai” Ikumi answer and sing along while dancing. Not long aftere that, the song ends
“Let’s try that 1 more time. Ikumi, you got to express your feeling to Yabu more. Now there’s no message sending to him at all. Try looking at him while you perform” The instructor gave Ikumi some tips. Ikumi blushes and nods.
“Places. 5 6 7 8” The music turns on and Ikumi sings, this time Ikumi looks at Yabu, communicates to him through her lyrics. He smiles at her and she smiles back.
“That was fantastic. You guys becoming like a real couple just then” Instructor said. The couple looks at each other and blushes harder.

~Hana’s practice~
“Ryosuke put your arms on Hana’s waist” Ryosuke reluctantly obeys
“Hana lean on his chest a bit. Why do I have to tell you guys what yo do? you should know by now that couple routine has to feel real. And now your even struggling with putting your hands on each other” The instructor yells at the idols. They hang their heads down “ I’ll give you guys 5 minutes, I’ll go get a drink to calm myself down and when I come back, I expects you guys to do better” with that he walks out the room leaving the 2 idols standing silently
“I never got yell like that before” Hana said, her head still hanging low. Ryosuke walks over to her and patted her head
“Me neither. Let’s just set our difference aside and try getting into the choreo” Ryosuke said
“Ok” Hana obeys and go over the dance
“So are you guys ready?” The instructor said coming into the room with a glass of water
“Yes sir” The idols harmonized
“Alright let’s do it again” The idols do what they were told. Ryosuke hands crawls around Hana’s waist and Hana leans back to Ryosuke’s chest, Ryosuke’s heart beat so fast he’s so scare that Hana might here it. Hana waves her body to Ryosuke’s chest making their faces only few inches apart. Hana’s face flustered feeling some emotion she never felt before.
“That was great. See, it wasn’t so hard was it” The instructor said “Let’s run it from the top one more time before the dancers come in” The couple got into their places “Don’t forget to conveys feelings towards each other alright?” The music turns on and the idols dance to the music while Hana sings to it. This time Ryosuke keep his eyes on Hana and she did the same. They smile at each other.

~Ruri’s side~
“Ruri on her tip toe against Chinen” The instructor said while the idols and dancers are going over the dance routine. “Whispering move”
Ruri put her hand by her mouth close to Chinen’s face. He smiles at her. Ruri blushes but continues to dance.
“That’s great, let’s try with the music and Ruri singing live” The instructor said and everyone started running thorugh the choreograph. The practice went by and the idols and dancers nailed the practice perfectly.
“Thanks for your hard work today. Welldone everyone” the instructor said and they all pack up their bags.
“Ruri-chan, want to go grab ice-cream? I’ll send you back home” Chinen ask, Ruri paused a bit and smile
“Sounds good” Ruri picks up her bag and both of them walks out.


Sorry for the late update. I was so busy with alot of stuff. So here is the update. I hope you enjoy it ^^
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