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Sugar and Spice : Chapter 5

Title: Sugar and Spice
Author: yukime
Pairing: Hey Say Jump/ oc
Rating: PG-13
Summary: First (K-pop/J-pop) girl group in Johnny's entertainment had debuted. what will happen if they fall inlove with JUMP members? A lot of Chaos ofcourse!! ^^



Chapter 5
“morning” The girls harmonized while walking up to the boys who were standing in front of the tour van
“Morning” The boys harmonized sounding sleepy
“Ready for the tour?” The staff said, hyping up the gang who were ready to fall asleep on the van.
“Yeb” they all answer sleepily
“Alright, let’s get this show on the road!!” The staff said and got on the van. Ikumi got on first, that’s when Ruri nudges Yabu. He turns to her with and question mark on his face
“Sit with her” Ruri said and Yabu quickly got on the van
“Can i sit with you?” Yabu ask Ikumi, She smiles
“Sure” Yabu laughs shyly and settle himself down next to Ikumi.
Hana was next to get on and Auto signals him to follow, Ryosuke took his chance and sat next to Hana. She turns towards Ryosuke and smile once she knew it was him. He smiles back.
Ruri follows Chinen and sits upfront on the van. Once she is settle she quickly got her novel out, she opens it up and take her bookmark out ready to enjoy the story she was dying to continue on. Chinen took the book away from her
“Hey!” Ruri said snapping her head to Chinen.
“Don’t read books on a traveling car, you will loose you eyesight” Chinen said and put Ruri’s book into his bag. Ruri grabs Chinen’s bag and opens it up but got stop by the hand. “C’mon Ruri, don’t be a baby”
“But I was looking forward to the next part of the story” Ruri whines
“You can read it when we get to the concert venue” Chinen said and pats Ruri’s hands to calm her down.
“What I’m i going to do while we’re on the way there? it takes a long time to get to the venue. It will be so boring” Ruri said, pouting
“You won’t be boring because you have me” Chinen said, smiling at hoe cute Ruri is.
“Fine~” Ruri gives up and calms herself down.
Keito gots on the further back seat of the van follows by Kaori and last but on least Kei. Kei got out his chocolate that he brought this morning from the mini-mart and opens the packet up.
“Wow, it smells so good” Kaori said while breathing in the scent of the sweet milk chocolate.
“Want one?” Kei said handing Kaori a piece of the chocolate. Kaori face straightaway brighten up, Kei smiles at her reaction
“Thank you” Kaori smiles brightly and put the chocolate in her mouth, munching happily. Kei laughs.
“It’s going to be a long day, so try to rest up for the dress rehearsal tonight alright?” The staff said and the car started moving
“Hai~” The gang all said at the same time. Ikumi starts to drift off to sleep with her head falls and rest on Yabu’s shoulder. He smiles and rested his head on her and drifted off to sleep too.

Hana got out the group schedule and starts to organized each of the girls’ schedules.
“You guys are very busy after the concert i see” Ryosuke said while looking at Hana working on the schedule
“Yea, 4 different members and i need to keep track off all the schedule, just in case people ask me about the members whereabouts” Hana said not shifting her eyes off of the schedule
“Yea, Yabu have to keep track of our schedule as well” Ryosuke said
“Must be very hard to keep track of all 9 members’ schedule. I only have 4 members and I’m still so confused” Hana said
“Yea, he was flipping through it last night, I bet he’s sleeping right now” Ryosuke said and both him and Hana turns back to look at Yabu but was caught off guard at the picture of Ikumi and Yabu sleeping while resting their heads against each other. The two turns back and giggles
“They’re so cute together” Hana said
“They suits one another” Ryosuke said while looking at Hana who turns back to working “Want any help?”
“hmm… you can help me by reading out each of the members activities and I will write them down” Hana took Ryosuke offers and handed him the list of the member’s activities
“Alright” with that Ryosuke grabs the list and started reading. Hana smiles.

Kaori fell asleep sitting between Keito and Kei as the van is moving unstably making Kaori head fell onto Keito’s shoulder
‘How come she is so cute. No! Kei what are you thinking? She’s Keito’s ex! get yourself together’ Kei then turn to Keito finding him smiling and shook his head at the scene, Kei got all confused
‘why isn’t he angry with me?’

“Hi guys, we are on our way to the concert venue for our rehearsal” Ruri said to the camera she was holding and Chinen suddenly butted in
“Hey everyone, Chinen Yuri desu” Chinen said with a salute posture making Ruri laughs at him
“You’re so cute with the salute pose, It could be your signature pose Chinen-kun” Ruri said making Chinen smile
“Think so? now I’m going to do it more often since you said that i look cute doing it” Chinen said with a big smile on his face
“Let’s see what the others are doing now” Ruri said and pan the camera to the other members “Here is the sleeping Yabu-kun adn Ikumi-chan. and here is Kaori-chan sleeping with Keito-kun listening to music and Kei-kun eating chocolate. Everyone seems to be sleepy this morning” Ruri said
“Who isn’t?” Chinen ask
“me! I’m too nervous and excited for the tour, i can’t sleep” Ruri said while panning the camera back to the rest of the members and continue
“here is Hana-chan organising all our schedule with the help of Ryosuke-kun” Ruri said showing Hana and Ryosuke, they both wave to the camera.
“And here is Yuto-kun and Hikaru-kun listening to music, looking all cool” Yuto smiles and continue beating his imaginary drum
“Well we have to sign off no, probably need to get some rest myself even though I couldn’t. Have a good day everyone” Ruri said while sits back down properly on her seat.
“Bye!!” the 2 of them said at the same time and Ruri turns the camera off
“You should get some sleep for rea, it’s going to be a long dat today, you need a lot of energy” Chinen said to Ruri
“Yea i should sleep don’t I” Ruri said and yawn, covering herself with the blanket she brought with her
“Sweet dreams” Chinen said, patting Ruri’s head
“You too”


Sorry guys, i've been having a writer's block. here is the update, enjoy reading ne^^
please comment and give me some feed back^^ thank you so much for reading
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