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idol-love (3/?)

Title: Idol love (request from suzukitakaki)
Author: yukime
Pairing: Yabu Kota/Suzuki Airi 
Rating: G
Summary: They been together secretly for years, since 2007! Yabu loves airi and wants to be her for the rest of his life. One day airi and yabu are in the park at night and some of hey say jump and some c-ute members found them kissing. What will happen to them after their found out? 

 “Yuya, what time is it?” Yabu ask for the 10th time
“It’s still 6 pm, you ask me that like 5 minutes ago. What’s up with you?” Yuya ask, curiously
“nothing, I need to do something” Yabu ask sighing while looking at the red velvet box in hand
‘why is the time walking so slow? I want to meet my Airi!!’ Kota thought to himself

“I’m home!” Airi called from the front door, ran straight to the kitchen and took the chocolates out from the fridge
“It’s look so good” Airi’s mother said with a smile “I’m sure he’ll be really happy”
“Thanks mom” Airi smile “I better finish my homework and get ready then”
Airi went up to her room to prepared herself for her date with Yabu tonight, she dress her self in a blue bohemian frilly top and white short pants. After that she finish her homework up and when she look at the clock to check the time, she realized that it was time she should get going. She ran down stairs, got her cute box of chocolates and leaved the house, smiling out of happiness of getting to see her boy friend in so long.

“I’m off, see you” Yabu said once he saw it was already 9:30 and was about to rush off to his date but got stop by the members
“Yabu, isn’t your house that way? Where are you going?” Hikaru ask curiously
“I-I-I need to buy something at the grocery store”
“You want us to come with you?” Daiki offered
“No it’s ok, I got it. See you guys later ne?” Yabu said and finally he got away from the crowd
“Wow! That was close” Yabu said while he running for his life, not wanting to be late. And as he expected, He was late and Airi was already there waiting for him on the bench at the park where they usually meet
“You’re late” Airi said coldly
“I’m sorry, it’s really hard escaping from the members when they’re asking all the questions” Yabu said while walking right up to Airi and hug her tightly “Finally, I get to hug you again”
“I miss you” Airi said while snuggling into Yabu’s embrace
“I love it when you do that” Yabu said while kiss Airi on the forehead
“Hey, what you got there?” Airi ask and point to the cake box that Yabu brought
“Happy 4 years anniversary” Yabu said and give the cake to Airi “I made it myself”
“Aww~ you’re the best” Airi said once she saw the cake and gave Yabu a kiss on the cheek
“Here, I made it myself too” Airi said and handed the chocolate box to Yabu, once he open it up he straight away smile and popped one in his mouth
“Umai!!” Yabu exclaimed happily, made Airi smile and giggle
“oh yea, I almost forgot. Airi, since we’ve been together for 4 year already and when you think about it, we still haven’t got a couple rings yet. So I got these made, for us” Airi was shocked, open the box with wide eyes. The rings wrote ‘K-A forever’
“it’s perfect” Airi said, her eyes getting teary
“I knew you’ll like it” Yabu said and popped the ring on Airi’s ring finger, and also did the same to his ring finger
“I love you” Yabu said and move closer to Airi, pressing his lips against her.
“Oh no, Yabu ask me to look after his phone for him and he forgot to get it back” Keito said
“It’s alright, I’ll give it back to him. I need to buy something too. Ja ne” Yuya said and took off
“Yuya wait up!” voices call Yuya from behind made him turn to them. It’s Yuto and Ryosuke
“What are you guys doing here?” Yuya ask curiously
“I just remembered that I forgot something at Yabu’s, and Yuto wanted to tag along” Ryosuke said
“Hey isn’t that Yabu-kun?” Yuto said and point to a tall figure in the park
“That’s him alright, I thought he was going to the grocery store” Yuya said
“who is he with?” Ryosuke said and the boys all take a look carefully
“Suzuki Airi!!” They all harmonized
“This is bad” Yuto said
“did you know he was dating?”
“Nope, how dare he steal my dream girl” Yuya said angrily
“calm down Yuya, I’m sure he got some explanations about this” Ryosuke said, trying to calm Yuya down but it doesn’t seem to work
“You’re telling me to calm down, when you see them kissing like this?!!!” Yuya said aloud
“Shush! They might hear you. We’ll ask him tomorrow” Yuto said quickly covered Yuya’s mouth
“Yea, let’s go first before they sees us” Ryosuke said while him and Yuto quickly dragged Yuya out of the scene

“I’ll be right back Mom, I just remember that I need to give the schedule to Airi for work on Monday” Mai said, got her coat and walk out of her house
“It’s been so long since I came out for a walk at night” Mai said to herself while looking at the surrounding in a different view as when she looks at it in the day time. She then was about to walk past the park when suddenly she spotted Airi
“Airi-chan?” Mai said and was shock once she saw Airi kissing Yabu. Mai gasp but quickly covered her mouth, don’t want to make a sound to disturb the both of them. She then quickly ran out of the scene, still confuse of what’s going on
Tags: pairing: yabu/suzuki, title: idol-love
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