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idol-love (4/?)

Title: Idol love (request from suzukitakaki)
Author: yukime
Pairing: Yabu Kota/Suzuki Airi 
Rating: G
Summary: They been together secretly for years, since 2007! Yabu loves airi and wants to be her for the rest of his life. One day airi and yabu are in the park at night and some of hey say jump and some c-ute members found them kissing. What will happen to them after their found out? 

"ohayo minna!” Yabu said as he entered the dance studio “What’s with the quietness?”
“Yabu, we all know that you’re dating” Ryosuke open the topic, looking at Yabu with a serious face. Yabu froze
“Why didn’t you tellus?” Hikaru asked
“Yabu? Yabu!” Kei snapped Yabu out to reality
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Hikaru asked again
“Be-because if I tell you or anyone, it’s pretty much wil spread around” Yabu explained
“Yabu, why Suzuki Airi? Why her? You know I like her”  Yuya said in a loud voice
“I didn’t know that you like her” Yabu keep his voice in a calm tone, trying his best not to get angry
“Yes you did, we’ve been talking about the girls when we went to your house” Yuya said, louder
“I know her before you even got a glance at her Takai!” Yabu had enough and raised his tone
“wait, how long have you been together?” Kei asked curiously
“About 4 years already”
“And you kept that a secret?” Daiki asked, surprised. Yabu nodded
“I’m happy for you, but I’m still in shocked” Yuto said and the members nodded
“However, we’ll support you” Kei said while placing his hand on Yabu’s shoulder, then turn to Yuya “Right Yuya?” everyone turn to Yuya
“Whatever” Yuya said and walked out the door
“Morning Mina” Airi said as she steps in to C-ute’s resting room
“Airi-chan, there’s something we want to ask you” Maimi said while walking up to Airi “Whatever you answer is, we’ll support you all the way”
“What’s going on? You’re scaring me” Airi said while laughing dryly
“Airi-chan, on Friday night I was going to your house to give you the time table for today’s work. But when I was walking pass the park near your house, I saw you kissing someone” Mai said, Airi froze as her body shivered down the spine
“Why didn’t you tell us that you were dating?” Chisato asked with a smile
“I-I…I…I-I..I..” Airi stuttered
“Take a deep breath Airi.Breath in breath out” Maimi said with a smile while Airi and her doing breathing exercise, the girs gigges
“We’re happy for you, tell us everything. Who’s the guy?” Saki asked getting excited
“Yabu Kota, Hey Say Jump” Airi answered shyly
“A Johnny?” The girl harmonized, Airi nodded
“why didn’t you tell us?”
“I was scared that it would be out in the public, I mean, when you’re in the industry like this everything tends to be spread around really quickly: the girls all nodded, understanding Airi
“How long have you been together?”
“4 years last Friday, that’s why you saw us together” Airi said and turn to Mai
“Aww~ happy anniversary” The girls said and all giggles
“4 years that’s a long time”
“How can you keep the biggest secret ever for 4 years?” Saki asked, aazed
“clearly your parents know right?” Maimi asked
“Yeb, they support the relationship too” Airi answered
“What kind of guy is he?”
“Well he’s kind funny. He’s a lovable guy”
“I’m so jealous”Chisato said
“Can we meet  him?” Mai asked
“Yea, I’ll invite him over”
“Yay!!” the girls harmonized
~Airi’s phone ring~
“I got to take this” Airi said while getting up and walked out of the room. The girls giggles as they know who’s calling
“Hello?” Airi answered
-hey, Airi the members know that we’re dating-
“Hey say jump too?”
-huh? What do you mean?-
“the girls found out too, they saw us at the park”
-what did they say? Anything bad happen?-
“The girls took it pretty well, they really want to meet you”
-That’s a relieved-
“How did the guys take it?”
-They said they’ll support us but Takaki doesn’t seem to have the same idea-
“I’m sorry Kota”
-no, don’t be. My girlfriend is really pretty and very talented, who wouldn’t fall for you-
“I’m really sorry if I caused you any trouble. I didn’t mean for any of it to happen”
-Suzuki Airi don’t worry about it. It’s fine, if he’s not going to support us then so what? All that matters is that the members supports us and we have one another-
“Yabu Kota, I know that I shouldn’t be taking and listening to all the negatives stuff but he is your friend afterall”
-He’ll get ver it soon enough. Anyways I finish work at 4 today, how about u?-
“About 5, why?”
-Alright, I’ll be picking you up today at your work place. So I can met the girls too-
“That fast?!!”
-Yeb, I’m really happy-
“lol!! Fine, I’ll tell my mom that you’re coming over too”
-that wil be good, I miss your mm’s cooking-
“*giggles* see you at 5 ko-chan, don’t be late”
-*laughs* will be there on time. Can’t wait to see you-
Tags: pairing: yabu/suzuki, title: idol-love
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