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idol-love (5/?)

Title: Idol love (request from suzukitakaki)
Author: yukime
Pairing: Yabu Kota/Suzuki Airi 
Rating: G
Summary: They been together secretly for years, since 2007! Yabu loves airi and wants to be her for the rest of his life. One day airi and yabu are in the park at night and some of hey say jump and some c-ute members found them kissing. What will happen to them after their found out? 

~5pm~~message alert ~
*where are you baby? I’m in front if the building*
*be right dow ^^*
“I’m so happy” Yabu said to himself
“Kota” Airir called him, he turn and saw the girls
“This is Yabu Kota, and Kota, this is Yajima Mami, Okai Chisato, Nakajima Saki and Hagiwara Mai” Airi introduced
“Hi there Yabu-kun” the girls harmonized
“Hello, I’ve heard a lot about you”
“Happy anniversary” Chisato said
“Thank you so much” Yabu thanked
“Well we better get going. See you guys later ne? It was nice meeting you Yabu-kun”
“Like wise, thank you” Yabu said
“So how do you like the girls?” Airi asked Yabu once they started walking
“They’re nice, you were right Airi, Maimi-chan is really pretty” Yabu teased, Airi looked at him wide eyes
“Maimi-chan?!! Did you just call her Maimi-chan?” Airi asked
“Yeb, she’s beautiful too. She just my type” Yabu said, Airi frowned and walked straight ahead made Yabu giggle
“Airi! Airi wait u” Yabu said once he caught up to Airi “I was only kidding”
“Don’t you do that, I thought you were for real” Airi said and Yabu hug her
“You’re the only one for me” Yabu said, Airi smile brightly
“Shall we go? My mom is waiting to see you with her delicious dinner”
“Let’s go then”
“I’m home” Airi called put once she step through the door
“Hey guys, Kota-kun how are you?” Airi’s mother greeted
“I’m alright, thank you Suzuki-san”
“It’s been a while Kota-kun” Airi’s dad said patting Yabu’s shoulder
“Hello sir”
“come, dinner is ready. Both of you must be hungry”
“Very” The couple harmonized, making the elders laughs
“Thank you for the meal” Kota said and bow
“No worries, Airi walk Kota-kun out please” Airi’s mom said
“Yeb, be right back” Airi said and step out of the house
“Thank you for inviting me” Yabu said
“No prob, it’s been a while since we hang out like this”
“Hope my schedule will cool down a bit, so I can have more time to spend with you” Yabu said
“When can we meet again?”
“I don’t know, JUMP will be very busy with concerts and stuff” Yabu said
“And Buono is busy with recording and dance practice also” Airi said with her head hang low, Yabu saw that and pull Airi in to a kiss. Once they broke the kiss they hug each other tightly, not wanting to let go
“I want to stay like this” Yabu said
“I wish the time could just stop” Airi added, snuggling in to Yabu’s arms
“I know 4 years is a long time but please wait for me, by then Johnny will officially let me date and I’ll announce our relationship to the public” Airi laughs
“I’ll be waiting for that day” Airi said happily, but once again turn in to sad mode “ guess we have to let go now”
“Alright” they slowly let go of one another, Airi blushed and kiss Yabu once again on the cheek shyly, which he did the same to her
“You better go, it’s getting late” Airi said
“Yea, I love you” Yabu said while stroking Airi’s cheek
“I love you too, work hard too alright?”
“Will do” They both waved goodbyes
“Hello? Is the collum for the gossip of the stars?” a voice said to the hone “I have some great shots to proved that Yabu Kota from Hey Say Jump and Suzuki Airi from C-ute are dating. Yes I’ll send it to you right now”
-who should we credit the photos as?-
“Just say anonymous” 
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