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Sugar and Spice (Re-write)

Hello everyone~!

!! My name is Balm. I used to write fanfiction here on LJ but been on a really long break. Now i came back to brush up on my skills and get my imagination running once again.

For this fiction that i'm about to start is a re-write on the fanfiction that i wrote and published on

The story is all about a k-pop girl group call 'Sugar and Spice' traveling back and forth from Korea-Japan for work and fell in love with Hey Say Jump members.

Now i would like you guys to join and be apart of my fanfiction as one of the characters. I need 4 girls in total, so please if you're interested in being in a k-pop girl group and falling in love with your favourite JUMP members, please fill in this application:





Position in the group:


Lover from JUMP:

Enemies (ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, love enemies, etc.)

Notes you would like to request:

Hope you guys will be interested ^^

Arigatou gosaimasu ^^

Tags: heysayjump, heysayjump/oc, j-pop, k-pop, title:sugarandspice
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August 24 2016, 02:14:36 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  August 25 2016, 02:56:20 UTC

hello~ i'm Ghea. i haven't read your fics yet but may i join? ><

Name: Arisa Kajitani

Age: 23

Nationality: Japanese

Personality: i'm shy to new people but so noisy with people who are close to me.

Position in the group: ehm... leader?

Hobbies: shopping, travelling. composing songs.

Lover from JUMP: Takaki Yuya

Enemies (ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, love enemies, etc.): Daiki Arioka who's Takaki's ex-boyfriend

Notes you would like to request: i hope there'll be some unexpectedly romantic scene with me and Takaki.

Thank you so much~ *bows*
since I saw ghea here, I might try as well. and it looks interesting! XD I'm ruci, btw.

Name: Miyagawa Kaori

Age: 22, going 23 soon

Nationality: Japanese

Personality: mostly like Inoo. smart, playful around the member, and despite her petite frame and cute looks, she's very mature and full of secrets.

Position in the group: I'll leave it up to you

Hobbies: outdoor activities, especially hiking and stargazing. doesn't really like sports but loves swimming and snorkeling. can't live a day without having a book to read. lately she's sooo into cooking.

Lover from JUMP: I think it'll be interesting with Inoo, since they have almost similar personalities and all. but then I think Yuto will be nice. XD anyway, surprise me. ^^

Enemies (ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, love enemies, etc.): mm... she's Keito's ex?

Notes you would like to request: she was Keito's classmate or something until she had to go abroad for student exchange program.

actually there are much more of her that I can add for details, but I guess it's enough for now. if you're interested, just PM me. *wink*
You don't mind me joining, I hope?

Name: real name is Aikawa Lien, but better known as Aikawa Ri

Age: 23

Nationality: half japanese + half vietnamese

Personality: kind of introvert, prefers to listen rather than talk. Tends to stay up until late at night reading or surfing the net. Listens to 3-4 hours of music every day. She is reliable and loyal friend, but has kinda strange sense of humor and doesn't joke much. Graduated from college of Informatics and Human communication. She always wears silver water lily pendant given to her by her deceased father.

Position in the group: your choice

Hobbies: violin, basketball, sleeping

Lover from JUMP: Yamada

Enemies (ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, love enemies, etc.): your choice

Notes you would like to request: hmmm... She don't believe in love at first sight, so it will probably take some time for her to fall in love with Yamada.

That's all for now. If you are interested, leave me a note.