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Sugar and Spice : Foreword and Introducing Character!!!

Author's note (Please read!!) : i have decided to change the story up abit. instead of being a k-pop girl group from korea falling in love with JUMP member,  the story will be about the first girl group in Johnny's entertainment who will be doing both J-pop and k-pop songs and will fall in live with JUMP members


“Thank you for coming today to hear our company’s announcement” The announcer said to the press as the sound of the shutters clicking, and flash is flashing can be heard all over the meeting room. “Johnny’s Entertainment will be releasing our very first girl group”
The announcer said causing a big commotion by the press due to Johnny’s entertainment never had a girl let along a girl group in the entertainment. This is a big shock to everybody.
“The point of having a girl group in our entertainment are: Johnny-san wants his artist to breakthrough to the Korean music Industry due to the impact of K-pop music in the current time, Also Johnny-san always have the idea of having girl groups in the company for a long time, he has been building up and training a group of girls as artists for a while now and it’s time release the group to the audience” the press continues to listen through out the meeting “The girls will be releasing Korean music as well as Japanese music, for the Korean market audience. As their base is here in Japan they will be traveling back and forth to Korea” The announcer said, the press are quick to record the information for their article. As that is going on the announcer continues
“The girl group will be call ‘Sugar and Spice’ for their sweet but yet very sexy, sassy, and as you can say ‘spicy’ identities. The group will be consisting of, First Kwon Hana, Jung Ikumi, Miyagawa Kaori, Hiwatari Ruri. The group will be debuting today at Shounen Club, so please keep an eye out for them. Thank you for your time, for further question will be answer individually, the staff will be gladly to help out” The announcer said and got down from the stage and all the press hurried out to the staff for their questions section.

“Guys! Big News!!!” Chinen Yuri said running quickly into the room
“Whats the big new Chinen” Takaki Yuri said while rubbing his ears due to Chinen’s loudness
“Johnny-san announce that our entertainment will be having our very first girl group” Chinen said excitedly
“Really?!!” The boys all are in disbelief
“Yea, I heard the staff talking about it. the members are Kwon Hana, Jung Ikumi-“
“Jung?” Yabu Kota ask cutting Chinen off
“Yea, I think they’re korea. Miyagawa Kaori-“
“Miyagawa Kaori??” Okamoto Keito ask cutting Chinen off again
“Yes, would you guys stop cutting me off. Last one is Hiwatari Ruri”
“What’s wrong Keito?” Arioka Daiki ask his friend that was still in shock
“Nothing, just curious” Keito said while trying to calm himself down turning his attention back to Chinen
“When will we get to meet them?” Daiki ask
“Today, Johnny-san will be introducing them to all of the seniors once there are done rehearsing. They’re making their debut and making their first appearance to the world at today’s show, performing along with us” Chinen said
“This is so exciting, our very first girl group. They will be really pretty I’m sure” Yaotome Hikaru said making his friends laughs
“How could you be so sure Hikaru?” Yabu Kota said
“I can feel it” Hikaru said with his head held high
“Hey Say Jump minna-san. Johnny-san wants you all to the stage to meet Sugar and Spice girls” The staff calling the boys by the doorway
“That’s the call, I can’t wait to meet them. Hopefully they will fall for my charms” Ryosuke said while getting up from his seat and turning on his charms and acting all cool
“Baka Ryo-chan” Chinen said, laughing at how Ryosuke act
“LET’S GO!!!” Hikaru call and ran out the room. The boys followed him

There you have it the preview to this Fanfiction ^^ Thank you to all the people who have participate in sending applications for being one of the girls in this story, and i do apologize for not picking some of the applications. I hope you're not mad at me. and Also congratulations to ruci_citra brenda000. Thank you so much for sending your application in, I'll work hard on this story for you to enjoy ne. ^^

So here there are folks, the characters to "Sugar and Spice" ^^


Name: Kwon Hana
Age: 23
Nationality: Japanese – Korean
-       Quiet
-       Smart
-       Laid back
-       Straight forward
-       Caring
Position: Leader/Main dancer/ Main Rapper/Singer
-       Compose Music
-       Write songs
-       Playing with mix table
-       Dancing
Lover : Yamada Ryosuke
Extras: close to yuto and Ryosuke is jealous later on through the story
Enemies: Nishiuchi Mariya

Name: Jung Ikumi
Age: 23
Nationality: Korean – Japanese
-       sweet
-       caring
-       loving
-       easy going
-       always worry about others
-       very mother-like
Position: Sub-leader/Main singer/Dancer
-       Baking
-       Crafting and Sewing
-       Photography
-       Painting
Lover: Yabu Kota
Enemies: Watanabe Mayu

Name: Miyagawa Kaori ruci_citra
Age: 22
Nationality: Japanese
-       Smart
-       Cheerful with the her bandmates
-       Despite her cute looks she is very mature for her age.
Position: Mascot/Dancer/Singer
-       Outdoor Activities (star gazing, Swimming, Snokeling)
-       Reading Books
-       Cooking
Lover: Inoo Kei
Extras: Keito’s Ex girlfriend

Name: Hiwatari Ruri brenda000
Age: 22
Nationality: Japanese
-       Shy girl but once you get to know her she’s a totally different person
-       Straight forward
-       Honest
-       Home body
-       Afraid of Thunder and lighting
-       Stubborn when she is headset of a decision
-       Easy going and laid back
Position: Youngest member/Rapper/Dancer/Singer
-       Reading books
-       Eating
-       Sleeping
Lover: Chinen Yuri
Enemies: Arai Moe
Hope you like this ne? I'll update the first chapter soon. please wait a bit ne? and also please do give some feedback ^^ Thank you again
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