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Sugar and Spice : Chapter 2

Title: Sugar and Spice
Author: yukime
Pairing: Hey Say Jump/ oc
Rating: PG-13
Summary: First (K-pop/J-pop) girl group in Johnny's entertainment had debuted. what will happen if they fall inlove with JUMP members? A lot of Chaos ofcourse!! ^^

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Chapter 2
“Ah~ so early” Kei whine, getting off the van
“I’m so sleepy. I just want to sleep right now” Chinen yawns and swing his bag onto his shoulder
“Why do we have to practice this early?” Yuto whine some more
“C’mon guys, it’s nearly the tour. Let’s just enjoys it ne?” Yabu said. All the members groan. Even though they been on tour or hundreds of times, but waking up so early in the morning is still the hardest thing they have to do. The boys open dance studio’s door to find the girls sitting and lying on the ground, waiting for the boys for practice.
“What are you girls doing here?” Daiki ask curiously
“We’re practicing for your tour” Hana answer, “we’re open up for you”
“Nice!” Hikaru said excitedly
“Ruri, Kaori. Wake uo, the boys are here” Ikumi wakes up the 2 younger girls who were sleeping on Hana and her’s lap
“Oh, hi guys” Kaori said, rubbing her eyes, Ruri waves to the boys while she yawns
“It’s too early today” Ruri said
“I know right? I’m so sleepy” Chinen said while sitting down next to Ruri
“Hi gang, I know it’s early today but we have a lot to do. So here is the latest song list for the show. I just have a meeting with Johnny-san last night and we have made some new arrangements” The dance instructor came in and handed one set of list to the boys, and one to the girls. “The girls will be opening up for you boys, and will be performing Dash!, Magic power, Ultra Music Power. With you guys along with their solo songs in between the show. Johnny-san and I think it’s a good idea, so you boys can take your time changing costumes and breath a little” The boys all cheered making the girls laughs along
“Ok, then let’s start today’s practice” the gang all got up and find their place in front of the mirror. The instructor teaches the moves and positions of Magic Power to the girls while Yuto, Keito, Kei, and Hiakru rest because they are playing instruments in this songs. The girls follow along perfectly, and the song runs by smoothly. Once they are finish with Magic Power, they continues with Ultra music power straight away, all of the boys got up and learn the new positions with the girls. They run through all the singing parts of all the songs they practice today and also they girls’ opening numbers. Time flies and when the practice was done it was already dark.
“Great work today everyone, that was loads of fun. The people who are coming to the practice tomorrow, please be here by 12. We will be doing some training to get you guys fitter and ready for the show” The instructor said
“And girls tomorrow and the next day will be your solo songs filming days. Johnny-san and I have planned the video shoot according to the style of videos you want, and we also took the advantages of picking seniors to be in your videos. Ikumi-chan, Kamenashi Kazuya will be filming in your video, Hana-chan, Yamashita Tomohisa will be in yours, Kaori-chan, Keito-kun will be a perfect fit in your video, and Ruri-chan, yours would be Yabu-kun. Hana and Kaori-chan will be shooting tomorrow, and Ikumi and Ruri will be shooting the day after that. Is that clear?”
“Yes sir” The girls said knowing their schedule.
“Alright then, see you guys tomorrow, and please do get some rest”
“Thank you so much” The gang harmonized and packed up their things and left the room
“Looks like we’ll be filming together” Keito said to Kaori
“Yeb, I’m so relieved I get to film with someone I already know. I’m nervous when I need to meet new people” Kaori said, giggling
“Don’t worry, It’ll go well tomorrow” Keito said
“Unn~” Kaori reply
“Ruri-chan, hope I can be a good help to you ne?” Yabu said walking up to Ruri
“Of course you will Yabu-kun. Please bare with me, I never film a video before” Ruri said
“No problem. You’ll do great” Yabu said ruffling Ruri’s hair
“So you get to film with Yamashita-kun tomorrow” Ryosuke said to Hana
“Yea, I’m so excited! I’m nervous even by hearing his name. God he’s so talented” Hana said all smiles. Ryosuke a bit of jealousy
“Oh” Ryosuke said and walk away, leaving Hana in confusion
“What’s wrong with him?” Hana ask Yuto who was walking right behind her. Yuto chuckle at Hana and Ryosuke’s situation.
‘Yama-chan, you’re really falling for this girl’ Yuto thoughts

~the next day~
“Good morning” Kaori said to all the staff
“Morning Kaori-chan. Here is the story line for today’s shoot. Have a look at it, if you have any question, please do ask” The staff said
“Thank you so much”
“Okamoto-kun is on his way here. He will arriving shortly” the staff said and left
Kaori opens up her script and read through it.
“I’m here” Keito said walking into the room, puts his bag down and slam himself onto the sofa “What did I miss?”
“Here’s the script that we have to film today” Kaori said handing Keito the script. Keito open it up and read through it.
“This should be easy” Keito said, shifting his eyes from the script to Kaori
“You think so?” Kaori ask
“Yea, we’re just playing ourselves. This is perfect” Keito said
“Hair and Make up are here” the staff said from the door, letting the hair and makeup crew in. And the glam begins.

~Hana’s shoot~
~ Choco chip cookie uri danduri
Dalkomhan siganeul nanugo(uu)
Choco chip cookie uri danduri
Eunmilhan iyagil nanwoyo(uu) ~

“Alright cut!” The director said through the megaphone “Great work everyone, that’s a wrap!”
Yamashita-kun and Hana bows as they said thank you to the staff and went to their dressing room.
“Great work Hana-chan. You did really well on your first music video” Yamashita-kun compliments Hana.
“Thank you so much senpai”
“Oh and I heard that we will be having a drama together. Looking forward to be working with you again”
“Me too, it’s so good to be able to work with someone you already worked with” Hana said with a sigh of relieved, they both laughs
“Are you going back to the company?” Yamashta-kun said
“Yea, I have to meet up with Ikumi-chan” Hana said, swinging her bag over her shoulder
“You can come with me if you want?” Yamashita-kun said, getting up from his seat
“Really? Are you sure?” Hana ask, making sure
“Yea, I’m going there too. I have recording to go to. Let’s go” Both of them walk out the car and got in. The car ride went by and they reach the company’s building.
“Thank you for ride Yamashita-kun” Hana said while closing the car door
“No prob, see you kiddo” Yamashita-kun said and they go into separate directions. Hana walks into the dance studio being greeted by everyone.
“How did the shooting go? You look so tired” Daiki ask
“It was a lot of fun, and yes, I’m totally worn out” Hana said smiling, dropping herself on the floor along with her bag
“How did you come back?” Ikumi ask Hana
“Yamashita-kun gives me a ride. He’s coming back here to record as well” Hana said, Ryosuke heard what Hana said and got all pissed. He suddenly stands up and walks to the door.
“Where are you going Yama-chan?” Yuto ask making everyone turn to Ryosuke’s direction
“I’m meeting up with Mariya-chan, see you guys later ne” Ryosuke said and walk out the door
“Mariya-chan? Are they back together?” Yuya ask the younger boys
“I don’t know, I haven’t heard him talking about her for a while” Chinen said all confuse
“Do you know when Kaori will finish?” Ikumi ask
“She has some scene that needs to shoot at night too. So she will come back pretty late I guess” Hana said while rubbing her forehead
“Hey are you ok?” Yuto said putting his hand over Hana’s forehead “Woah! Are you sick?”
“I don’t know” Hana said and put her head on Ikumi’s lap
“May be you were in the sun for too long” Yuto said
“May be so, today was so hot. The sun was right on top of my head” Hana said while snuggle herself up into a ball.
“You should go home first Hana” Ikumi said
“Are you sure?” Hana ask
“Of course I’m sure. You need to rest up. Yuto-kun could you send Hana home please. I got to stay back and have a meeting about my shoot tomorrow” Ikumi said while Hana sits up and got her bags ready to leave
“Sure, let’s go Hana-chan. I’m taking you home” Yuto said and the both of them said good bye to the rest and walk out the door.

~Kaori’s shoot~
“Alright cut! That was wonderful. Let’s move on” The director said and turns to his crew, talking about the next shot
“Kaori-chan, Keito-kun have some water” The staff said handing both idols their water bottle. Make up artist did a little touch ups on their skin and was ready to go
“Last scene everyone! Can I please have Kaori-chan alone for this shot please” The director said and Kaori walks into the frame. The director starts assigning Kaori’s place on the set and walk back to the monitor.
“Kaori-chan this is the scene where you wake up and found Keito-kun gone and no where to be found. He left a note on the guitar saying I love you and you knew the reason thet he left straight away. You break down over it until the end of the scene. Ok?” The director explained. Kaori nods nervously.
“And action!” the director calls and the camera started rolling. Kaori try to think back to her sad memories to let her tears fall, but it doesn’t seem to be working.
“Cut! We’ll do it again” Director said from behind the monitor
“Director, can I have a moment with her. I won’t take long” Keito said from behind the director’s chair
“Ok, you got 5 minutes” Director said and Keito ran out onto the set
“Kaori, what’s wrong?” Keito ask bends down to Kaori’s level.
“I can’t cry, I don’t know what to do” Kaori said hands covering her face
“calm down, let’s try this. Think about me actually leaving you. I won’t be here for you anymore. You won’t ever see me again, forever” Keito said making Kaori stops all of her actions and stare into blank space thinking about Keito’s word, hurting her. Once Keito saw that he squeezes Kaori’s hand one more time for her to get ready and quickly ran out of the frame.
“She’s ready” Keito said to the director
“And action!” the camera rolls and Kaori’s tear starts to drop one by one. Keito decides to stands where Kaori would take notice of him and he would walk away to show her that he will no longer stay with her anymore, makes Kaori pull her knees close to her chest and breaks down.
“And Cut! That was fantastic! It’s a wrap everyone! Thank you for your hard work” The director said and everyone claps for Kaori’s great performance. Kaori got up and bows to everyone. Keito walks up to her and gave her a hug
“that was wonderful” Keito said while ruffle Kaori’s hair
“That was cruel” Kaori said and sniffles against Keito’s jacket
“It work didn’t it” Keito laughs making Kaori laughs along

~Hana’s side~
Yuto and Hana walk past super market and pharmacy and decided to get something for Hana to eat and also some medicine for her to take afterwards.
“Hana-chan wait here, I’ll go get your medicine for you ok? You’re burning up” Yuto said and walk into the pharmacy. Hana waited patiently while trying to contain herself to be able to stay up. She suddenly spotted a couple holding hands and have amusing conversation. That couple was walking towards her and she knew right then and there that the guy was Ryosuke. He was walking with a beautiful tall girl.
‘That must be Mariya-chan, that he said he was going out with. She’s so pretty’ Hana-chan thinks to herself and Ryosuke suddenly spotted her. Ryosuke looks at her in shock, not wanting Hana to see him with Mariya-chan. His heart is racing, feeling as if he’s cheating and was getting caught.
“What are you doing here?” Ryosuke ask while the couple walks up to Hana
“Umm Ryo-chan, I got to go first. My parents are waiting for me at home. I see you later ne?” Mariya said and Ryosuke nods to her. Mariya peck Ryosuke’s cheek and left.
“Aren’t you suppose to be at the studio? May be waiting for your ‘Yamashita-kun to send you back home in his expensive car?” Ryosuke said sarcastically.
“What are you talking about?” Hana ask in her now soon-to-be-gone voice
“You like him don’t you?” Ryosuke said with a pff sound after.
“I don’t, I just admire him. Can’t a junior admire a senior” Hana breaths out the words trying to explain to Ryosuke. “How about you? You’re here dating with some girl when you said that you cant walk away from me. Is that just a lie now?”
Hana shot back, feeling offended by Ryosuke. Ryosuke stands the stuns at her words.
“Hana-chan, I got your medicine. Let’s go home” Yuto said, walking out of the pharmacy with a bag of medicine.
“Oh so now Yuto is taking you home ” Ryosuke raise his voice. That’s when Hana starts to felt a max pain on her head, the dizziness increase. The pictures suddenly became blur to her.
“Are you for real now?” Hana whispers, trying to stand as still as possible.
“Just choose only 1 guy Hana. Don’t play with other people’s feelings” Ryosuke said angrily. Hana look up to the sky. Her heart is pounding fast, her ears hear a long beep, her sight became dark and all of the sudden everything shuts down. Luckily Yuto and Ryosuke both got a hold of her just in time.
“What’s happen?!” Yuto ask Ryosuke worriedly
“What’s wrong with her?” Ryosuke ask Yuto back, worrying as much as Yuto
“Hana-chan is sick. Ikumi-chan ask me to take her back home because she have to stayed over for a meeting” Yuto said. Ryosuke picks Hana up bridal style.
“Then let’s go. She’s burning hot” Ryosuke said and both of them hurried to Hana’s house not far away from the pharmacy.
“Do you have the key?” Ryosuke ask. Yuto open Hana’s bag and got her keys out. they got into the house and put her down on the couch.
“Where is her parents?” Ryosuke ask
“Business trip” Yuto answer from the kitchen
“How do you know?” Ryosuke ask while turning to Yuto to see him holding up a note on the counter. Ryosuke drop himself on the ground, beside Hana.
“Ah, here it is” Yuto said and took an ice pack out from the freezer. He walks back to the couch and place the ice pack on Hana’s head.
“What’s with you today? Why did you yell at her like that?” Yuto ask, looking at Ryosuke. Ryosuke sighs.
“I don’t know man, but seeing her with other guys. I got jealous” Ryosuke said, looking at Hana
“But you just have dinner with Mariya-chan” Yuto ask, confused
“I dodn’t plan it. I got jealous and invite Mariya to dinner. Trust me, it wasn’t fun at all” Ryosuke said
“She still the same old Mariya-chan isn’t she?” Yuto laughs
“No kidding. I think she has gotten worst” Ryosuke said, rolling his eyes
“How is that even possible?” Yuto said and the boys laughs then looks at Hana
“You’ve fallen for her huh Ryo-chan?” Yuto ask “You never been like this before. With any girl”
“I don’t know. I guess. All I know is that I never find someone like her. I got jealous when she’s with other guys” Ryosuke said, looking at Hana “May be I am falling in love with her”

~Kaori’s side~
The car slowly stops in front of the modern looking house, Kaori took off the seat belts and turns to Keito.
“Thanks for giving me a ride home Keito” Kaori said, smiling
“No problem, I always gives you a ride home” Keito said “Hey, I always have this question in my mind”
“what’s the question?” Kaori ask, looks at Keito
“I always thought about, what if I meet you again, what my feelings to you going to be, and what’s our relationship will be like” Keito said looking straight at Kaori
“yea, I always thought about that too” Kaori said “I mean, I still feel safe when I’m with you. But may be not the same kind of safe like when we were together”
“I still want to take care of you too” Keito said “But I don’t know. I mean it was a long time ago. I feel like our relationship drifted back when we were more of a bro-sis that lovers”
“I get what you mean. So, brother and sister?” Kaori said with the warmest smile
“Sounds great” Keito said and both of them giggle
“I’ll see you tomorrow” Kaori said and got out of the car, waves to Keito until he drives off.


Chapter 2 is up!!! hope you like it ^^ I'll update soon I promise ^^
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